The classic engagement ring is the round cut diamond, also called a brilliant. However straight square and geometric cuts, such as squares, rectangles and triangles, are becoming increasingly popular. Find out which varieties of square engagement rings are available.

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Square and rectangular engagement rings - A selection of engagement rings with square and round diamonds.

What square cuts are available for diamonds?

The best known and most popular square cut for diamonds in engagement rings is the princess cut. From the side, the princess cut diamond resembles an inverted pyramid, and when looking from the top, you see a square shape.

Princess cut diamonds are characterized by a high brilliance, a strong fire and sparkle that differ only slightly from those of the classic brilliant. At the same time, this type of square engagement ring is lower priced than a round cut, as less material is lost when cutting the diamond.
A variation of this cut is the cushion cut, a square cut with rounded corners that looks a little softer, a hybrid between an engagement ring with a square and a round stone.

If the diamond is to be rectangular rather than square, there is the option of an emerald cut, a classic staircase cut that emphasizes the purity of the diamond, or the radiant cut, a mixture of emerald cut on the top and brilliant cut on the bottom.
 Princess cut diamond rings

What are the advantages of square engagement rings as opposed to other shapes?

The engagement ring with a square diamond is characterized by its particularly clear lines and high elegance. It can be combined perfectly with modern pieces of jewellery, which themselves have rather angular and linear shapes.

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If you choose a princess-cut diamond, you will also enjoy a price advantage over a round stone of the same size and quality. A small disadvantage of the pointed corners is that they are more sensitive to shocks, but this can be compensated for by a solid setting that protects the corners.

The square diamond is the ideal choice for a ring that should not be too extravagant and eye-catching on the one hand, but at the same time should stand out from the classic brilliant. Individual and elegant without appearing exalted.
Exclusive square engagement ring - An exclusive engagement ring with square emerald-cut diamond and surrounding diamonds, ring rail with pave diamonds.

An engagement ring that is square with round diamonds?

What sounds like a contradiction at first is a particularly spectacular variation for an engagement ring with a square stone. For example, a diamond with a square cut is chosen as a central gemstone and is framed by small brilliants. In addition, the ring band can be set with diamonds in a pave setting. This is often referred to as a pave engagement ring.

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