Smart in Every Way

The BAUNAT approach is unique. It’s ‘Smart in Every Way’.  

Why ‘in Every Way’

The word ‘Smart’ has 2 possible meanings, which perfectly fit with what BAUNAT stands for:

  1. Attractive / High quality
  2. Intelligent / Efficient

BAUNAT stands for a smart product (= high quality diamond jewellery) offered at outstanding prices thanks to a smart business model (= cost & service efficient).

As the BAUNAT offer encompasses the 2 possible meanings of the word ‘smart’, it is fair to say that BAUNAT stands for ‘Smart in Every Way’…

Are YOU a 'Smart Buyer'? Find out here or have a look at our video.

BAUNAT’s unique positioning

BAUNAT is worldwide the only online diamond jewellery brand that stands for high quality at unbeatable prices.

BAUNAT distinguishes itself from all other online jewellers that have opted for a generic supermarket model, where the offer is not of exclusive high quality.

BAUNAT offers only the best; not only in terms of the proposed diamonds, but also in terms of other materials (gold and platinum), service, communication, transparency, jewellery design, manufacture, and last but not least… the price relative to the proposed quality.


Are you a 'Smart Buyer'?

In accordance with its brand tag line ‘Smart in Every Way’ & its brand positioning, BAUNAT aims to serve the ‘Smart Buyer’.

The ‘Smart Buyer’ is a fast growing consumer segment across industries and continents, empowered by the rise of the Internet which made the end consumer much more aware than before.... 

'Smart Buyers' are people who aim for high quality in all its facets (materials, product, finish, but also service & transparency) but who are not prepared to pay for inefficiencies or intangible elements which are not reflected in the product they buy.

Are YOU a 'Smart Buyer'? ...


The BAUNAT diamonds

BAUNAT very consciously offer diamonds starting from an H colour, SI1 clarity, VG cut. Starting from this quality you are assured of a white diamond without any visible impurities. A superior quality G colour, VS2 clarity and VG cut is also available. For more information regarding diamonds of higher quality (investment diamonds), please visit our specialized website

BAUNAT will never propose lower qualities, even not on request.

Higher qualities than G colour, VS2 clarity and VG cut are of course possible on request, and there also best price quality will be guaranteed.