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Where can I buy diamond jewellery in Zürich?

  • Where can I buy the perfect diamond jewellery?
  • What is BAUNAT’s way of working?
  • What services can I expect to receive in the Zürich showroom?

  • What if I would like to buy diamond jewellery, but not before taking a look at them in real life? Feel free to visit one of our showrooms worldwide, the showroom in Zürich among them. We have the majority of our collection available on-site to aid you in your choice. What if you cannot find what you are looking for? You can order the tailor made jewel of your dreams while visiting our showroom as well.

    Where can I buy the perfect diamond jewellery?

    It has never been this easy to buy diamond jewellery online, thanks to our unique online selection. You can consult BAUNAT’s full collection of high quality diamond jewellery online and purchase the perfect jewel wherever and whenever you want. But what if I would rather see the diamond jewels in real life before deciding to purchase? Easily make an appointment in one of our BAUNAT showrooms worldwide, where you can browse through our full collection in all peace and quiet.

    What is BAUNAT’s way of working?

    To offer you high quality diamond jewellery at the best possible prices, BAUNAT hand makes every jewel on demand. As a result, it is not possible to take the jewel you have decided to buy with you immediately. The designs on display are showroom jewels, set with zirconia instead of real diamonds. During your appointment, our diamond expert will gladly answer every question you might have. What if I cannot find the jewel of my dreams? You can immediately place your order for a unique tailor made design.

    What services can I expect to receive in the Zürich showroom?

    To ensure the most personal service, you need to make an appointment to visit our showrooms. This way, you will have our full attention, without any distractions. All of our diamond experts on-site can build on years of experience and expert knowledge to answer all of your questions thoroughly. You can not only buy diamond jewellery, you can also ask for a quotation for a smart investment in loose diamonds. Furthermore, all diamonds starting from 0.30 ct come with a certificate of one of the three most renowned diamond laboratories in the world: GIA, IGI or HRD.

    What are the other advantages of purchasing at BAUNAT? How can I make the best choice regarding which diamond to buy? Ask our diamond experts for advice or make an appointment right away to visit our showroom in Zürich.