Paris Branch Manager
Wanwan Xu

Mandarin, Cantonese, French, English

Senior Relationship Manager
Alessia Previato

French, English, Italian

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Jingjing Xu

Mandarin, French, English


Our showrooms

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The BAUNAT showroom in Paris aims both at customers who are looking for a diamond jewel and for loose diamonds, for example as an investment perspective. At this showroom, clients also have the possibility to purchase tax-free.

Beside our wide selection of diamond jewelry with price indication, there is the possibility to create a custom-made jewel, for which you can receive a customized quotation.

In the selection of tailor-made jewelry are 2 options:

1. Design of a diamond jewel
2. Diamond(s) – suitable as investment

Within this tailor-made approach you can be confident of BAUNAT as a reliable and experienced partner who offers top quality at the best possible prices for the realization of your personal wishes.