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Where can I buy diamond jewellery in Hong Kong?

  • Where is the place to be in Hong Kong to buy diamond jewellery?
  • What is BAUNAT’s way of working?
  • Which services can I expect to receive in the Hong Kong showroom?

  • You can buy diamond jewellery in ease by browsing through the extensive online collection from BAUNAT. But what if I want to try on these jewels before I decide to purchase? This is possible worldwide in the BAUNAT showrooms. Our newest office in Hong Kong will be happy to welcome you, to take a closer look at our collection or to pick-up the diamonds you have ordered.

    Where is the place to be in Hong Kong to buy diamond jewellery?

    As a response to the growing Asian share in the diamond industry, we have decided to open a new showroom in Hong Kong. You can visit us here to discover BAUNAT’s different collections of high quality diamond jewellery. What if I am interested in investment diamonds instead? With this, too, our diamond experts in Hong Kong can help you. With years of experience, they provide you with a quote and guide you in choosing the perfect diamond for your portfolio.

    What if I want to buy diamond jewellery, but can’t seem to find the right jewel in your collection? Together with our experts, you can design a personalized piece and create a unique tailor made jewel.

    What is BAUNAT’s way of working?

    Each jewel from our collection is handmade especially for you, after you have placed your order. This way, you are guaranteed exclusive design, combined with high quality materials and Antwerp craftsmanship. By creating our diamond jewellery on demand, supplying only our exclusive showrooms with our different collections and by purchasing our materials directly at the source, you can enjoy an unseen price/quality ratio at BAUNAT. As a result, you cannot take your jewel home with you immediately. Instead, after production, we will ship your unique jewel to you, fully insured.

    What if I am interested in investment diamonds rather than diamond jewellery? In that case, too, the BAUNAT diamond experts will help you find a diamond that meets your criteria as well as draw up a custom-tailored quotation.

    Which services can I expect to receive in the Hong Kong showroom?

    In all BAUNAT showrooms worldwide, you can enjoy a personalized service in a quiet and safe environment. Our diamond experts are here to support you in word and deed to ensure you always buy the perfect diamond jewellery. To make sure our high quality service fully suits your personal needs, our showrooms can only be visited after you have made an appointment.

    What if I have further questions? Where can I go for special request or to buy special diamond jewellery? Contact the BAUNAT diamond experts online or make an appointment right away to visit our showroom in Hong Kong.