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BAUNAT Showroom in Dusseldorf

One of the BAUNAT showrooms is located in Dusseldorf (Germany). You can visit this showroom on appointment only. It is the ideal place to discover all aspects of our diamonds and diamond jewellery.

The BAUNAT jewellery showroom in Dusseldorf allows customers to take a look at a specific jewel or to find out more about investment diamonds. BAUNAT also offers a personalised tailor-made service for clients who are interested in creating a one-of-a-kind diamond jewel.

In case you would like to place an order, please note that it is not possible to take a jewel directly with you, because we only start the production process of our diamond jewellery after the payment of the client has been received. This is one of the reasons that BAUNAT can offer its diamond jewellery at unbeatable prices.

BAUNAT jewellery in Dusseldorf

The BAUNAT showroom in Dusseldorf allows its privileged clients to enjoy a private experience during which they can take a look at the jewel of their dreams. Whether as a gift, an investment or a personal acquisition, in the collection of BAUNAT there will always be a jewel that suits your style & taste.

BAUNAT also offers diamond jewellery for special occasions, such as a marriage proposal, a baptism or a wedding. These include diamond pendants, engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings and bracelets. BAUNAT offers timeless jewels for every taste and budget. The style, colour, size, material and diamonds used, can be chosen according to your desire.

Investment diamonds

BAUNAT also offers diamonds of high quality that are suited as an investment. In the BAUNAT showroom in Dusseldorf too, clients can be assisted in their search for the diamonds that correspond to their investment objective.

We can propose various offers, depending on your budget. Whether in terms of size, shape or style, BAUNAT meets the expectations of each customer. It is also possible to work around a certain budget.

Order a tailor-made jewel

The diamond jewellery brand BAUNAT is well-known throughout the world for the quality of its diamonds. Each diamond jewel is handmade in Antwerp to guarantee its quality.

In case you are interested in a one-of-a-kind diamond jewel, you can create a tailor-made jewel together with the BAUNAT experts.

The commitments of BAUNAT

The house BAUNAT is committed to offering high quality jewellery at the best price. All diamond jewellery is handmade in Antwerp.

Furthermore, diamonds larger than 0.30 carat come with a certificate from one of the most renowned diamond grading laboratories worldwide: GIA, IGI or HRD. Also, you will receive a product guarantee of 20 years. In case of any questions, you can schedule an appointment in our showroom, or contact our experts.