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Where in Düsseldorf can I buy diamond jewellery?

  • Where can I go to find the perfect diamond?
  • What is BAUNAT’s way of working?
  • Which services can I expect to receive in the showroom?

  • The showroom in Düsseldorf gives our customers the possibility to take a closer look at the high quality diamond jewellery of BAUNAT or to receive more information regarding investment diamonds. But what can I expect from my visit?

    Where can I buy the perfect diamonds in Düsseldorf?

    You can buy the perfect diamond jewellery wherever and whenever you want because of our extensive online collection. But what if I would prefer to see the jewels in real life before I make my decision? In that case, you can visit our showroom in Düsseldorf. We will offer professional guidance while you try on our different designs. What if I can’t find exactly what I am looking for? You can discuss the possibility of a tailor-made design on-site with the BAUNAT jewellery expert.

    In our showrooms you can not only buy diamond jewellery, our diamond experts will gladly assist you in finding your perfect investment diamond.

    What is BAUNAT’s way of working?

    In our showroom in Düsseldorf you can enjoy a personal experience while taking a closer look at the jewel of our dreams. Whether it’s a gift, an investment or a private purchase, the collection of BAUNAT suits every style and taste. You can buy your diamond jewellery online or in your local showroom with confidence. Each piece from our collection is hand made in Antwerp especially for you. Because of this, you cannot take your purchase with you immediately. Instead, it will be delivered to your door when it is finished, using fully insured shipping.

    Diamonds starting from 0.30 carat are always accompanied by a certificate of one the most renowned diamond laboratories worldwide: GIA, IGI or HRD. With both your diamond jewellery and your investment diamonds, you are assured to receive certified diamonds.

    Which services can I expect to receive in the showroom?

    You do not buy unique diamond jewellery every day. To offer you the best guidance and most personalized service, BAUNAT aims to create a quiet and safe atmosphere in every showroom. This is why you need to book an appointment to enjoy our service. For your investment diamonds also, you can count on the expertise of our diamond experts. Together with you, they will choose the perfect precious stone, which is afterwards bought at the source, carefully and in line with your specifications.

    What if I need more information before I make my decision? How can I buy the perfect diamond jewellery? Ask our diamond experts online for advice or make an appointment right away to visit our showroom in Düsseldorf.