Senior Relationship Manager
Katrien Maes

Mandarin, English, Dutch

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Frédérique Vanhoutte

English, French, Dutch, Spanish

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Gerd van de Vel

English, French, Dutch

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Fabienne Rauw

English, French, Dutch, German

Senior Relationship Manager
Sander Michiels

English, French, Dutch, German

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Sara Six

Japanese, English, Dutch


Our showrooms

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The BAUNAT showroom in Antwerp aims both at customers who are looking for a diamond jewel and for loose diamonds, for example for an investment perspective. At this showroom, clients have the possibility to purchase tax-free.

Beside our wide selection of diamond jewelry with price indication, there is the possibility to create a custom-made jewel, for which you can receive a customized quotation.

In the selection of tailor-made jewelry are 2 options:

1. Design of a diamond jewel
2. Diamond(s) – suitable as investment

Within this tailor-made approach you can be confident of BAUNAT as a reliable and experienced partner who offers top quality at the best possible prices for the realization of your personal wishes.