• Which colours are most common?
  • Which colours are the rarest?
  • Where has this trend already been established?

We all love the timeless character of colourless diamonds. But anyone wishing to look slightly more contemporary will opt for coloured diamonds. Perfect for giving a plain outfit that little bit of zest! Men also appear to be completely in love with this trend. So ladies and gentlemen, if you’re planning on buying diamond jewellery, make sure you opt for colour!

Which colours are most common?

If you are interested in buying diamond jewellery with a coloured diamond, you will notice that yellow and brown are the most common. If you would like to know how a diamond gets its colour, you will first need to know how diamonds are created. Once you have become acquainted with the forming process, it will be easier to understand how the eventual colour is determined.

The popular yellow colour is created by the presence of nitrogen atoms in the carbon lattice. The brown diamond’s colour is the result of the deformation of the crystal lattice under enormous pressure during the forming process.

Which colours are the rarest?

Red, green, purple and orange are generally the rarest colours, followed by pink and blue. We can say that, within this scarce range of coloured diamonds, pink is the most popular. But let’s be honest: buying diamond jewellery with a pink diamond is certainly not for everyone.

The limited supply of pink diamonds means the prices for these rise year after year. The pink diamond has therefore broken auction records on several different occasions.

Where has this trend already been established?

Hollywood is also completely under the spell of this craze. Trend-setting celebrities are all opting for fancy coloured diamonds. Would you like to feel like a real celebrity? Then you’ll know which diamond jewellery to go for. And for the gents? Men have resolutely fallen for the black diamond. Just think about the chain with black diamonds worn by the former American baseball player Derek Jeter.

And David Beckham and Justin Timberlake have also been spotted wearing black diamonds in their ears. Would you like to follow this trend too? Our diamond experts will gladly assist you further. Be sure to get in touch with BAUNAT for more advice, or to make the purchase of your dreams.

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