Which bracelet should I give?

The choice of which bracelet you would like to give depends on the person you are giving the present to. Does she prefer a fine riviere design rather than an eye-catching chain bracelet? Besides that, make sure to choose the right alloy so that it fits her current jewellery collection. You can choose between white gold, yellow gold, platinum and red gold.

A diamond bracelet can be worn by everyone. It is exceptionally easy to choose a present to surprise your loved one. We can, however, provide you with some easy guidelines. For a lady with a slender wrist, you could opt for a finer bracelet. A thin tennis bracelet is ideal for a slimmer person. Heavier jewellery could disturb the balance and are fully appreciated by people with wider wrists. In that instance you should purchase a broader diamond bracelet, such as the chain bracelet.

The special occasion for the gift giving

A bracelet is the perfect gift for multiple occasions. Mother’s Day, a birthday or a communion are only a couple of examples.

An elegant diamond bracelet is the ideal present for Mother’s Day: it will be a memory to cherish for ever.

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Furthermore, a bracelet is lovely to receive as a birthday present. A coloured diamond or a gemstone can give the bracelet even more character. Each month has a birthstone. This creates a unique opportunity to give a bracelet with a personalised gemstone as a birthday gift. In this manner a diamond belongs to someone who is celebrating their birthday in April, the emerald to someone who celebrates its birthday in May, and the sapphire is the perfect present for someone who celebrates their birthday in September.

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For a first or ceremonial communion you could definitely give the youngster a bracelet. A charm bracelet with for example a cross could be an option, but other prints such as a butterfly are also suitable to give as a present. You could even give a boy a bracelet. In that case, however, make sure to choose the tougher models such as bracelets with thick links and black diamonds. To let the bracelet grow with your child, a link bracelet at the communion is a good idea. By adding a few links you can easily make the bracelet a few sizes larger.

Personalise your gift

You can make the bracelet you are gifting even more special and personal by personalizing it. You can have a beautiful, meaningful message or name engraved on it. In this way, you are giving a unique and meaningful bracelet as a gift.

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How do I hand over my gift?

All BAUNAT jewelry, including bracelets, come in a stylish jewelry box. This of course contains the jewel itself, in this case the bracelet, along with the jewelry bag, the warranty certificate, the certificate of authenticity and a cleaning cloth.

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