• What are the advantages of buying diamond jewels?
  • What do I pay attention to when investing in diamonds?
  • How do I sell diamonds?

What is the smartest investment? Buying diamond jewellery? There are a lot of reasons to invest in diamonds. The finiteness of the stones gives them an intrinsic value that will never fade and will stay popular. Global market leader in diamonds De Beers saw an increase of 29% in sales compared to last year in the third quarter of 2017. 

What are the advantages of buying diamond jewels?

Why buy diamond jewellery? Because they experience a larger price increase over time due to the combines intrinsic value of all materials. The craftsmanship for your beautiful engagement ring will eventually also play part in the price increase. You therefore have higher quality.

What do I pay attention to when investing in diamonds?

What do you look for when choosing diamonds? With diamonds, you better pay attention to the 4C’s: carat, clarity, colour, and cut. These 4 elements have an influence on the value of the diamond. You should therefore opt for a stone that is smaller and scores higher on the 4 C's than a large one that is less qualitative.

It’s best to seek advice from a diamond expert to ensure that you make the right investment. Who can help you with your investment? Look for certificates from GIAIGI or other approved laboratories to ensure that you buy from a reliable trader. Even if you want to buy diamond jewellery online, it’s best to find a trader with the right certificates.

How do I sell diamonds?

Buying diamond jewellery as an investment probably means that you want to sell it again in the long term. Their added value through time brings a lot on top of the intrinsic value. If you sell them to the right person, at least. For all diamond jewellery, you can contact the diamond expert. They value your investment on the basis of the 4 C's with professional equipment. That way you know what your investment is worth and whether you want to sell immediately.

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