• What is the average carat weight of a diamond engagement ring?
  • Diamond prices online are approximately 30% and 50%, lower.
  • There are all kinds of tricks to make your diamond appear larger.

Are you planning on proposing to her? Then you can surely use some help with finding the perfect engagement ring. Of course she is will say yes to a ring with a big diamond. But what about the diamond price per carat? With these tips you will save on the engagement ring, but not on its appearance.

How much carat for an engagement ring?

Have you decided to buy a ring with a diamond? Then the question is; what is the average carat weight of a diamond engagement ring? The diamond price per carat is too difficult to write down. The price of a diamond depends on more than the carat weight alone. With a perfectly cut brilliant of 1.00 carat and an average diameter of 6.5 mm, you will definitely slide a ring around her finger that sparkles beautifully. Additionally, there are a lot of small tricks to save on such a gorgeous ring.

Why engagement rings are more inexpensive online.

A first saving tip is buying your engagement ring online. Did you know that diamond prices online are approximately 30% and 50% lower? So, you could say that the diamond price per carat is determined by the budget spent on the physic stores and retail as well. By using the web shop, unnecessary intermediaries will be eliminated, and this benefits you financially. Are you buying jewellery online for the first time? Then BAUNAT would love to guide you through the process. 

Make your diamond appear larger.

First of all, when choosing a diamond engagement ring out of the extensive collection available, you do not only have to pay attention to the diamond size. Besides, some diamond shapes appear larger than others. If you rely on the diamond price per carat, the difference in optical size can be quite confusing. Beautiful shapes with a unique appearance, as a baguette, an emerald cut or a marquise, appear larger, for the same price.

Adding stones afterwards

By adding a diamond on both sides of the central stone, the ring instantly appears bigger. With this, you can surprise her for your wedding anniversary. Or it can be perfect addition following the birth of your first born child. And so, the original engagement ring can keep growing, together with your love and life. After all, for diamond jewellery, the diamond price per carat is secondary to its the sentimental value to you.

Now that you know that the diamond price per carat online is lower and that there are different tricks to make your diamond appear larger, you are ready to buy her the perfect engagement ring. Would you like to have some extra advice from our BAUNAT experts? Do not hesitate to contact us, in whichever way you prefer.

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