According to gemstone superstition, a sapphire in a wedding ring will bring a happy marriage while a diamond ring represents a commitment to love and affection. A popular style for engagement rings with sapphires is vintage, and diamonds are beloved in princess-cut and solitaire styles. 

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PROS of a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Some of the advantages of choosing a sapphire engagement ring include:

  • High-durability compared to other gemstones like emerald or ruby.
  • The value is often determined by its rich blue colour.
  • They also come in a variety of (less common) colours to match every skin tone.
  • Every sapphire is completely different which means an engagement ring is guaranteed to be unique, making them a more intimate choice than diamonds.
  • The cut of sapphire is less important than the cut of a diamond because it is harder to see inclusions of a sapphire with the naked eye.

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CONS of a Sapphire Engagement Ring

The key disadvantages of choosing sapphire include:

  • It is more damage-prone than diamond.
  • They can more easily be scratched than diamonds.
  • The gemstone will lose its sparkle and dull if not properly maintained or left to get dirty.

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PROS of a Diamond Engagement Ring

A few of the advantages of choosing diamond include:

  • Exceptionally high-durability (the highest for any natural stone found on the planet).

  • The gemstones are not easily scratched.
  • Diamonds are considered to be more traditional for wedding proposals.
  • They refract more light than sapphires which makes them appear more brilliant and  adds to their overall value.
  • Diamonds sparkle even when  dirty or unpolished.

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CONS of a Diamond Engagement Ring

Some of the main disadvantages of opting for a diamond engagement ring include:

  • Diamond engagement rings are often less affordable than those with sapphires.
  • Resizing diamond rings can be challenging for even the most experienced jewellers.
  • For those concerned about environmental repercussions, diamond mining is often unregulated and therefore there is little control over its impact on the environment.

Why Not Both? Combine the Two Gemstones with BAUNAT

While both diamonds and sapphires are rare and precious gemstones, buying an engagement ring with a combination of the two can reduce the amount you would spend on rings with just one stone or the other.

Your engagement is a special, once in a lifetime moment. A personalised jewel from BAUNAT means top-quality at the best possible price thanks to our unique and efficient way of working. Make your engagement one to remember forever.

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