Ibiza may be getting more popular and Marbella may still be a respectable choice… it’s Saint-Tropez that remains the number one travel destination of the rich and famous. The ideal location to see and be seen. Going to the beach becomes fashion galore. Every day women try to attract attention with beach outfits of unseen creativity. Ready for the beach, jewellery and high heels included.

What is hot this summer, in the once o’ so peaceful fishing village? In Saint-Tropez, women dress up to go to the beach. Cut out bathing suits and hip bikinis are complemented with high-end jewellery, fedora hats and high heels. Getting noticed is key. A couple of seasons ago it was all about big bling, this summer we will see a lot of smaller, more subtle pieces of jewellery. One of the new items this summer is a body chain, a very fine chain around the waist. Another trend is stacking. Less is more, but when it comes to shining, more is not enough.

Strutting around Saint-Tropez will not go unnoticed, and you need the perfect jewellery to finish your beach outfit. If you are looking for the perfect diamond jewel for your summer holiday, you have come to the right address. 

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