Are you looking for an engagement ring for your fiancée, and you want it to be a tad original? Then the rose gold engagement ring is exactly what you're looking for. With its unique look and charm, it knows how to wrap everyone around its finger.

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Rose gold engagement ring

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is an alloy of 24-karat gold with copper and silver. This gives the metal a rosy appearance, just slightly lighter than the colour of red gold. Not only is the rose gold engagement ring becoming more popular, you can also see the colour appearing more and more with other jewellery.
In addition to yellow gold, white gold, red gold and platinum, there are also a few other original gold tones. By mixing pure gold with other precious metals, we get a gold alloy with an exceptional colour. For example, there is green gold, a kind of yellow gold with a light green appearance. One of the best known varieties in colour is rose gold, a unique colour for your rosé engagement ring. The difference between rose gold and red gold is sometimes hard to see, but rose gold does have something original.
Rose gold has a unique look
The first person to have used rose gold, appears to have been the Russian Peter Carl Fabergé. At the end of the 17th century, he mixed gold with copper to use in his world-famous Fabergé eggs.  Gold with copper provided red gold, but supplemented with silver he obtained rose gold. The colour became very popular in Russia and then also in Western Europe and the United States.

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When to opt for rose gold?

Rose gold has a unique look, but still suits a wide variety of styles. A romantic, frivolous look with a rose engagement ring or jeans with a pair of cool boots and a leather jacket combined with a rose gold watch? It's all possible.
Rose gold jewellery is an especially good match for people with a warm undertone to their complexion. In general, every skin tone has a cool, warm or neutral undertone. You can find your tone by looking at your veins. If they are rather blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If they are green, you have a warm undertone. Isn't it completely clear and are your veins blue-green? Then your skin has a neutral undertone. You can also find out if you are more likely to use cool or warm tones based on your hair and eye colour. Rose gold can also be combined with similar, warm colours.

Also take a look at the other jewellery your fiancée like to wear. If she doesn't have any rose gold jewellery, it's going to be hard for her to combine the engagement ring.
engagement ring in rose gold

Does rose gold fit in an engagement ring?

A rose gold engagement ring is currently hugely popular, but slightly less timeless than yellow gold or platinum. As mentioned earlier, it also suits people with warm undertones better.
A rose gold engagement ring looks very beautiful in the form of a solitaire or halo ring in a minimalist style. A sober rose gold engagement ring paired with a simple, dazzling diamond exudes absolute class. Still, it can also be a tad more striking. For example, if you would like an engagement ring with a vintage look, you will also do well with a rose gold engagement ring. The romantic colour can be combined with more frivolous and milgrain details, or a striking diamond. A rose gold engagement ring in combination with white gold also adds an extra vintage look.


There is another reason to opt for a rose gold engagement ring. According to the American wedding platform The Knot, white gold represents friendship, yellow gold represents fidelity and red or rose gold represents true love.

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engagement ring in rose gold

Other options for your engagement ring

If you're not entirely convinced yet that a rosé engagement ring is right for your fiancée, there are plenty of other options. The classic engagement ring is often yellow gold, it is an iconic and absolutely timeless colour. In addition, we have engagement rings in white gold or platinum. Cooler in colour, truly timeless and perfect to combine with the diamond form of your choice.

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