• Romantic locations for every budget

  • Ideas to make your proposal unforgettable

Do you want to propose in a really extraordinary way with the right engagement ring and are looking for the perfect location to do it? We have put together a few of the most romantic and impressive locations for an engagement.

1. Venice

Located not far from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, easy to reach by car and yet one of the most romantic places you can imagine. Even though it is almost a cliché, a proposal on a gondola on the Canale Grande while the sun slowly sets in the background would certainly be unforgettably beautiful. Ideal for all those who want to intimately enjoy the proposal without a large audience.

2. On an island beach

Whether in the Balearic Islands or a more exclusive and exotic place, such as the Maldives or the Bahamas, a proposal right on the beach is not only an absolute classic, it will certainly make your loved one’s heart beat faster. It can be perfectly combined with a summer holiday; just don’t forget the engagement ring!

3. On a spa weekend

Spoil yourselves and enjoy the time alone; there is a variety of spa hotels in almost every popular holiday region in Germany and the Alpine countries that offer special packages for couples, including a candle light dinner arranged especially for your proposal.

4. On-board a helicopter

Not afraid of flying and have a strong stomach? A sightseeing flight by helicopter is not only and exciting and unique experience, it is also wonderfully suitable for a proposal. Less romantic than our other suggestions but thrills are guaranteed. For everyone looking for an exciting idea for their proposal. Even though you’ll be full of adrenaline, don’t forget the engagement ring!

5. On a mountain peak

Clear weather, almost endless views and the silence that sets in when most holidaymakers are already on the descent in the evening. There are few places where nature is so impressive and the beauty of the world can be admired from above as at the top of a mountain. Very athletic people even dare to make the ascent; alternatively, you can simply take the cable car or the chairlift. Checking the weather forecast beforehand is a must and if you are not planning to stay overnight in a cabin, you should find out the last departure times of the mountain railway or lift.

Don’t leave anything to chance; the ring should be as perfect as the location. A beautiful solitaire ring with a brilliant cut diamond is always the right choice for a proposal.

Do you want advice selecting an engagement ring? The staff at BAUNAT look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you make a selection.

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