• Rings with an oval diamond look elegant and moreover have a breathtaking brilliance.
  • We would love to list some of the most beautiful designs.
  • Haven’t found a beautiful diamond ring? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection. 

If you have decided to ask her to marry you with an engagement ring in which an oval diamond plays the lead, then we cannot blame you. This elegant diamond shape is the perfect alternative for the classic brilliant cut. The brilliance is just as beautiful, but the shape is a little more unique. Besides, rings with an oval diamond have a vintage look, and perfectly fit the current mindset. In addition, you can choose from different settings. We would love to list some of the most beautiful designs.

The solitaire ring with an oval diamond

Instead of the brilliant you can choose from a series of beautiful diamond shapes. In appearance, the oval shape is closest to a round diamond. Such solitaire rings have a more unique appearance. And because of the fact that the oval diamond ring is not chosen very often, you can be sure that she will wear a true eye-catcher on her ring finger.

Surrounded by a halo

We cannot repeat it enough: a halo provides extra brilliance, even with rings with an oval diamond. Princess Diana's engagement ring is a perfect example of this, though with a sapphire as a central stone. Those who really want to get noticed can add a halo of coloured diamonds or precious stones. Preferably choose her favourite colour, there is nothing more romantic.

Including pavé in the ring frame

Setting the ring frame with small diamonds is also a good idea. That way the oval diamond will catch even more attention. This design has a luxurious appearance. It is therefore not surprising that different Hollywood stars, such as Blake Lively and Heidi Klum, show off such an engagement ring.

Are you looking for a beautiful diamond ring, then you are at the right place. Please feel free to take a look at our extensive collection of diamond rings. Do you have interest or questions about a specific design, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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