• Men usually wear a ring set with brilliants in white gold or platinum.
  • You can choose for a solitaire setting or multiple stones.
  • Different diamond shapes, such as square, are also possible.

Just because diamonds are stereotyped as ‘a girl’s best friend’ in advertisements, does not mean that you, a man, cannot wear diamonds. Why don’t you buy rings set with brilliants for the both of you? Yes, as a future groom, you can buy a ring set with brilliants as well. The wedding ring collections are a lot more extensive compared to a couple of decades ago. The beauty of a ring set with brilliants will definitely not affect your masculinity. We gladly assist you with your choice. 

The choice of alloy

Of course you want a masculine ring. Most men opt for white gold or platinum when they buy a wedding ring set with brilliants. Both colours, which seem very similar to each other, are timeless and easy to combine with every style. Even with your personal style. Besides, both colourless and black diamonds are best suited to these alloys. Indeed: as a man, you can also opt for a black diamond ring.

Why set with brilliants?

Women are usually surprised with ring set with brilliants when asked for marriage. After all, buying a ring set with brilliants is playing it safe. For years, this round cut diamond has been one of the most popular diamond shapes. The intense brilliance of the brilliant is surely a key factor. When the brilliant is moved, you will witness a unique play of light and colour. Also, the symbolism behind the ring set with brilliants plays a big role in their popularity.

A solitaire setting or multiple stones?

Subtle is stylish. This is why men usually opt for a ring set with one solitaire diamond. Do you want to buy a ring set with multiple diamonds? Then opt for the combination of a big diamond surrounded by a couple smaller ones. By incorporating the smaller brilliants in the ring band, you will get a gorgeous and smooth finished ring. Your ring will still stand out but it won’t be too noticeable. Perfect for a man’s hand.

The unconventional ring for men

Are you planning on buying a ring set with brilliants that does not look too traditional? Then consider a different placement of the diamonds than a solitaire central setting. You can even choose a different shape. Square diamonds (princess diamonds) are now one of the possibilities as well. Interesting and distinct, yet masculine. Haven’t found what you are looking for yet? Order a tailor made ring.

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