• Five really suitable presents for retirement

When a well-earned retirement is approaching, it is a tradition that all colleagues come together to give the future pensioner a farewell present. The range of gifts is large and the question often arises as to what the recipient really needs. We have a few ideas for you that are guaranteed to give you pleasure.

1. Jewellery

Certainly not the cheapest gift, but one that every woman loves and that also expresses that her life's work for the company is really appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a diamond necklace for thousands of euros; there is also, for example, real jewellery in the form of small diamond earrings for just a few hundred euros. When all colleagues pool together, it is a very affordable present that brings lasting pleasure and reminds them of their many times together. There are also classic jewellery presents for men for retirement, such as cuff links, which are guaranteed to cut a fine figure on holiday or on a cruise.

2. Sun lounger

A retirement present in the truest sense of the word; a sun lounger is the perfect present to enjoy and relax if the recipient has a garden or balcony. A wooden one is best and a plaque with personal engraving can be attached without great expense.

3. Garden tools

Retirement is the perfect time to finally dedicate yourself extensively to caring for your garden. Garden tools or even nice barbecue cutlery make a relaxing time in the garden a little bit more beautiful.

4. Wine or spirits

A nice tipple is not the most innovative present for celebrating retirement and finding out about the recipient's preferences and taste is advisable, but many appreciate a good bottle of wine or a fine whiskey; beer drinkers would love a selection of exotic beers.

5. Spa voucher

Retirement means finally having time for the things that were only possible to a limited extent while working. Gifting a big holiday will quickly exceed the budget, but a spa day can be arranged for relatively little money.

It doesn’t matter which retirement gift you choose; it should be an appropriate appreciation for time spent together. Joke gifts such as dentures, walking sticks or other gifts alluding to their age are clearly out of place.

Are you looking for a classic and unforgettable present? The jewellery experts from BAUNAT are looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to advise you.

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