The classic ear stud, as with rings, is the round brilliant cut diamond. However, more and more women and also men are opting for a striking, angular design or diamonds in an angular cut. The shape not only looks modern, but also offers a variety of design options. Let yourself be enchanted by square and rectangular stud earrings and earrings made of gold or platinum.


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What are the options for square stud earrings ?

Angular shapes in earrings are possible both for the basic design of the jewellery and for precious stones set in the jewellery, such as the diamond. The design possibilities of modern jewellery design hardly know any limits. Both earrings with an angular basic shape set with small round diamonds and angular diamond cuts such as the princess cut, the baguette cut or the emerald cut open up a wide range of options.

Square stud earrings in white or yellow gold set with a single princess diamond, also called princess earrings, are particularly popular at the moment. They can be combined in many ways, match almost any outfit and are also very suitable for everyday wear.
Rectangular earrings with diamonds - Square diamond earrings from BAUNAT
Are you looking for unique and eye-catching square earrings in gold? Then larger, geometric shapes are a good choice, such as those you will find in the L'Atypique collection. A mixture of angular shapes and very classic look can be found in bar earrings, where many small diamonds are mounted on a straight bar. It is also possible to have square stud earrings or earrings made entirely according to your own ideas and wishes, as a custom-made piece.

Who suits rectangular and square shapes particularly well?

The shape that is particularly suitable depends on both the hairstyle and the shape of the face. With short hair, earrings should not be excessively long. Stud earrings or shorter earrings are often a good choice, but this by no means implies that long earrings would be inappropriate with the right outfit.

The most decisive factor is the shape of the face. Ideally, earrings should highlight the advantages of one's face shapeby contrasting with it. Square studs and earrings go particularly well with a more round or oval face.

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What angular cuts exist for gemstones?

The best-known angular cut for diamonds, which is also often used for stud earrings, is the princess cut, the square version of the round brilliant cut. It is characterised by a particularly strong fire and sparkle, much like its round counterpart. Closely related to this cut is the cushion cut with an angular basic shape and rounded corners.

The baguette cut is interesting for rectangular ear studs, an elongated cut shape that is often used with accompanying stones. A real classic among the square cuts is the emerald cut, which emphasises the clarity of the diamond. This cut is also available in a variation, the radiant cut, which impressively combines the advantages of the emerald cut and the brilliant cut.

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