Are you ready to ask your girlfriend the big question? And you don’t want to only burn the moment into your memories, but also capture it on camera? Now, after the face cam, bike cam and dash cam, there is also the special ring cam to immortalise this moment forever. The little camera is mounted in the jewellery box of the engagement ring and catches every glimpse of the surprised face of your fiancée-to-be.

No more tedious questions

After a marriage proposal friends and family usually ask you a lot of questions. Was she surprised? What was her reaction? Did she say yes immediately? With the help of the ring cam you can just let the images speak for themselves. And you can keep the wonderful memory of this magical moment with you forever.

The ring cam: an idea of students

This ring camera was designed by a couple of students from the Hope College in Michigan. One of them wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but was looking for a way to immortalise this intimate moment for posterity. After a short brainstorming session they came up with the idea of putting a small camera in the jewellery box. This little gadget is now for sale for 152 euro.

What if your marriage proposal goes wrong?

And what if she says no? For that they also found a solution. With a handy delete button you can remove every marriage proposal that went sour. You can use it endlessly. The question is if this ‘marriage proposal camera’ will soon be produced on a large scale. On the other hand, gadgets like this have made it big on the Asian market before.

Love and a diamond ring remain the essence!

Are you proposing to your girlfriend soon? Then you will need more than just an empty jewellery box with a camera. It’s the diamond that provides the magic for the moment. For a beautiful diamond ring you can visit the online shop of BAUNAT. You can find an enormous choice of colours, shapes and models in various alloys. Free home delivery and with 20 years product guarantee.

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