According to the barometer that is established by notaries every 3 months, there has been a record of investments in real estate in 2016 in all of Belgium.What is this due to and how this trend may influence and open the mind of people to the idea of investing more, is going to be shared here below.

  • What are the causes of these record investments?
  • How does this trend influence people’s investment habits and how to ride the wave for investment diamonds?

What are the causes of these record investments?

2016 has been an impressive year for the real estate market. With increases in number of transactions of 16% in Brussels and 10% in the Flanders regions, the market hit an all time high.

This is mainly due to the historically low mortgage rates experienced since 2016 and during times when the interest rates in savings accounts continue to bring little to nothing.

Interestingly enough, it has been noticed that it doesn’t only concern young professionals and young married couples seeking to purchase their first home, it also concerns older generations, looking at second homes or investing to make an extra revenue such as student housing or even garages.

The house pricing per se, barely moved, with just 0.9% increase making it even more interesting for potential buyers. The prices of apartments however, has increased a little more, by 3.6% compared to 2015. This is apparently mainly due to the single professionals seeking to purchase a 1 bedroom apartment.

How does this trend influence people’s investment habits and how to ride the wave for investment diamonds?

Overall, whether its people investing at a younger age or others investing in second homes or for revenue purposes, the trend is there and it’s important to grasp this opportunity to extend this interest in investment to other commodities.

This is when investing in diamonds comes as the perfect opportunity to diversify the portfolio. Diamonds are as a whole, very crisis resistant; of course they may have lost a bit of value in the previous large crisis, but it has been proven that polished diamond prices never decreased as much as other portfolio components such as real estate, bonds, etc making it a safe investment.

You also need to take into account that diamonds are unbreakable and unique as they are instantly recognisable through certificates that provide maximum security to the buyers.

And last but not least, let’s not forget the exceptional emotional value that comes along with diamonds. You are purchasing a beautiful piece that symbolises love and that could even be worn while being an investment, how easy is that.

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