The diamond engagement rings of Hollywoods’ finest appeal to everyone’s imagination hence the thorough coverage on the subject. But Hollywood will always be fabulous, old Hollywood and if you want to see impressive engagement rings you don’t need to cross the Atlantic. There are plenty of examples in our own backyard. For example, the ring that King Filip gave to Queen Mathilde for their engagement. A remarkable specimen set with a large oval ruby and surrounded by diamonds. It won’t become as iconic, nor popular as the one of Kate Middleton/Lady Di, but it is completely on trend. Coloured diamonds and gemstones are hipper than ever and so is red, the colour of love.

Queen Mathilde herself is not a major advocate for jewellery. She only has 3 rings: her wedding ring, her engagement ring and the sapphire ring King Filip gave her to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. Besides those three rings she barely wears any other piece of jewellery. She is almost never seen with a necklace and her choice of earrings is always very subtle. She will never be seen without her wedding ring but only wears her engagement ring on official occasions. Hence the fact that is not so well known. Nevertheless, this ring is considered to be one of the fairest of all royal engagement rings.

We have the perfect engagement ring for you, royal or just fabulous, with or without coloured diamonds and/or gemstones. 

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