Men's watches tell you more than just the time. They are a stylish accessory that make a real statement. Or, as Ian Fleming, the spiritual father of secret agent and style icon James Bond, once said: “A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.” But which technical aspects should be taken into account when immersing yourself in the plethora of men's watches available, and should you choose a quartz or mechanical timepiece?

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What is the added value of men's analogue timepieces?

The internal mechanism of a BAUNAT quartz watch
In a digital age where mass-produced goods land on your doormat in a mere few hours, more and more consumers are rediscovering the added value of artisanal craftsmanship. So too when it comes to men's timepieces. Whilst browsing the Swiss and Italian collections the luxury designs of the timepieces stand out immediately. Unique designs that transcend time!
What a digital watch can do, your Smartphone can too. What an analogue watch can do, your Smartphone cannot

The difference between a quartz and mechanical watch

The biggest difference between a quartz and mechanical timepiece lies in the internal mechanism and anatomy. This ensures the hands, date and possible chronograph and tachymeter always function properly. Nothing is more irritating than a watch that tells the wrong time. Quartz and mechanical watches feature different engineering.

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There are also different watch types on the market, including digital watches, but we will focus on hand watches for now. This category can be divided into two significant sub-categories: quartz and mechanical watches. To quickly ascertain the difference, take a look at the second hand. Does it have a tick-tock motion? If so it is a quartz watch. If the second hand tells the time in a smooth, sweeping motion, it is a mechanical watch.

How does a quartz watch work?

The BAUNAT Siena quartz watch
Did you know that although the first portable clocks date back to the 15th century, quartz timepieces only became commonplace in the 20th century? The quartz timepiece derives its name from the quartz crystals that constantly vibrate on the same frequency, enabling the watch to keep accurate time. Moreover, a quartz timepiece is powered by a battery that only needs replacing every few years.

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BAUNAT quartz timepieces boast an unbeatable price/quality ratio and are eminently suitable for everyday wear.

How accurate is a quartz watch?

A quartz watch is powered by batteries that vibrate the quartz crystals. The vibration frequency is exceedingly accurate, indeed, it equates to 1 vibration per second. Over one month there will be a maximum time deviation therefore of just a couple of seconds. Naturally you will have to replace the battery once it is empty.

How does a mechanical watch work?

  The BAUNAT Jura Sun mechanical watch. A mechanical watch requires winding up from time to time
Where a quartz watch features crystals, a mechanical watch has a winding spring. This spring stores energy and transfers it through smaller gears and springs that power the watch. So there is no battery, which means you do need to regularly wind the watch. Needless to say, a quartz watch does not need winding.

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An ingenious wheel train of gears: the mechanical men's timepiece really does prove that beauty is on the inside
BAUNAT mechanical watches are finished on the back with transparent glass, allowing you to relish in the nifty mechanism whenever you so choose. Pure perfection.

Hoe nauwkeurig is een mechanisch horloge?

The accuracy of your mechanical watch depends on you. You see, it requires regular winding and upkeep. With some designs in the BAUNAT Swiss collection this occurs via natural motion (of the wearer's wrist), and with other designs the watch requires manual winding.

Many men find engaging in this provides an added dimension to the charm of wearing a timepiece.

Which BAUNAT mechanical watch is automatic and which is manual can be ascertained under each watch's details on our website.

Why buy a BAUNAT watch?

  The BAUNAT Jura Sun mechanical watch. A mechanical watch requires winding up from time to time
Are you still looking for a suitable Father's Day gift? Or one for another occasion? Give him a timeless gold men's timepiece. But is it better to buy a quartz or mechanical timepiece?
A BAUNAT watch is the ultimate gift, and will be perfect for a very special occasion. Maybe as an engagement watch. Although men's engagement rings are still in the ascendancy, nonetheless, many men swear by watches. A smart BAUNAT watch can also be handed down from one generation to another.

Find out more about timepieces

You now know the difference between a quartz and mechanical timepiece, but there is still a great deal more to learn about watches. How, for example, do you find the watch that suits you best and what should you know about the timepiece's anatomy? Glean all you need to know in the following blogs.

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