• What exactly is a puzzle ring?
  • What makes a puzzle ring special as a gift?
  • What other jewels are meaningful to an important person?


Certain occasions or extraordinary individuals sometimes require an exceptional gift. Stylish, subtle, but cocky and personal? The puzzle ring has it all. But what exactly is this ring? And what makes it so special?

What exactly is a puzzle ring?

Puzzle rings consist of different rings that are intertwined, yet they are still separate. The various parts must be rotated in a specific way before forming a ring. According to a popular legend, the special ring was initially used centuries ago by a jealous Turkish king. That's why the puzzle ring is sometimes also called a 'Turkish ring' or 'harem ring'. According to him, the ring would fall apart if his wife should ever remove it to commit adultery, and because of its complexity she would not be able to get the ring back together in time to hide the deception. The ring was therefore originally just a woman's ring.

Although the puzzle ring can easily be put on and removed without falling apart, the story does appeal to the imagination.

What makes a puzzle ring special as a gift?

The puzzle ring is often given as a special gift to symbolize a special connection. For example, diamond puzzle rings are more and more the appropriate gift to indicate a connection in a relationship before an actual engagement. The rings are separate from each other, yet still remain inextricably linked.

But non-romantic relationships also find a symbolic reflection in the puzzle ring. Family ties or special friendships are for instance emphasised with the extraordinary ring.

What other jewels are meaningful to an important person?

It's not only puzzle rings that have their symbolic roots in history, other diamond jewellery also carry a lot of meaning. Lockets, for example, were very popular in Victorian times and still serve as a special gift and a subtle repository for valuable memories to this day. In addition, stacking rings are also very meaningful. Each ring represents a milestone in life, and collectively, they form a magnificent piece of diamond jewellery.

Where can I find a special gift for a valuable person in my life? What other diamond jewellery carry a lot of meaning? Seek advice from the BAUNAT jewellery experts for your ideal diamond jewellery.

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