• Purchasing diamonds online is safe, and can be done from the comfort of your armchair.
  • We give you an overview of the current trends.
  • Have you not yet found the perfect diamond jewel? BAUNAT offers you an extensive collection.

Suspicion regarding online shopping seems a definite thing of the past. Never before were so many purchases made online. Purchasing diamonds online, too, is completely safe, and can be done from the comfort of your armchair. Exclusive diamond jewels were never before at your fingertips to such an extent. We give you an overview of the 5 trends.

1. Beautiful websites

The e-commerce market has become highly competitive. Not only do the sold diamond jewels have to comply with the correct quality requirements, sufficient attention has to be payed to an enjoyable purchase experience. This can be done by means of a beautiful website that invites you to purchase diamonds online.

2. Mobile apps

In the era of mobile application, BAUNAT could not lag behind. That is why we launched our BAUNAT app. This gives you the opportunity to easily purchase a diamond ring online. It is a useful tool in you search for the one perfect ring. You can, for example, determine your ring size and the app makes it possible to create a realistic image of the diamond ring around you ring finger. You can download our app through the IPhone app store.

3. Tailor-made diamond jewels

More and more often, people opt for tailor-made diamond jewels. Both women and men want to give their jewel a personal touch. Especially when purchasing an engagement ring, or when purchasing our Médallion d’Anvers, with a picture of your beloved inside. All this can be done online, whatever your wishes. BAUNAT would be happy to assist you in this.

4. Reachable through chat, e-mail and telephone

When purchasing a diamond online, you can be assisted with one of our employees through chat, e-mail or telephone. Their many years of experience and expertise will resulted in the beautiful diamond jewel of your dreams.

5. Low inventory, extensive online collection

Because we focus on e-commerce, we have rather low inventory. If you are planning on purchasing a diamond online, the diamond jewel is designed especially for you. This results in a unique piece you can show off with. Our brand represents exclusiveness, quality and originality. Be sure to let yourself be inspired by our current collections.

If you wish to purchase a diamond online, you have come to the right address. We have an extensive collection of diamond jewellery. Are you interested in or do you have questions regarding a specific model, do not hesitate to contact us.

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