• What styles of engagement rings are there?
  • How do I choose the ring that will make her the happiest?
  • How can I personalize the ring even more?

The more choice you have, the more difficult it becomes to decide. This is particularly challenging for important decisions, such as choosing the perfect diamond ring. Today, the engagement ring comes in every conceivable size and colour. How do I choose the right one? Which ring will she want to wear around her finger? We are happy to help you.

What styles of engagement rings are there?

It is difficult to list all the different engagement ring styles, as there are quite a few. Moreover, they are not only categorised on style, you can also choose between different themes and materials. The 3 most popular styles are the solitaire, the trilogy and the halo. In terms of theme, the classic settings remain highly desired, but nature-inspired designs such as flowers are also very popular. In addition, you can choose either choose white or choose to add a splash of colour, for both the metal ring band and the precious stone.

Within each style, there are endless designs and varieties. It is therefore important to use the personal taste of your future spouse as your point of departure.

How do I choose the ring that will make her happiest?

You should not choose an engagement ring based on a movie, popular opinions or on the advice of the jeweller. They can serve as guidelines, but in the end, you know your future spouse the best. Is she not particularly fond of butterflies? Then do not buy her diamond ring with a butterfly. Take a good look at the rings she already has and what kind of shape and settings they have. What if all her rings have 3 stones? Then you should choose a trilogy ring! You can be pretty sure she will love it.

By taking into consideration her personal style and taste, you will not have to browse through thousands and thousands of engagement ring designs. You will know immediately what style of ring you are looking for, and focus on that.

How can I personalize the ring even more?

An engagement ring that she will truly love is one with personal touches. Look at your unique relationship for inspiration. Which nicknames do we use? When did we meet? Where did I see her for the first time? What are our birthstones? With these symbolic details in mind, you can go ahead and create an engagement ring that you know she will love dearly.

What personalization can I add? How big should the stones on her ring be? Ask your BAUNAT diamond expert for advice.

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