Are you planning on surprising your loved one with a unique engagement ring? Then you will learn that there is a wide range of possibilities to choose from. From coloured diamonds to vintage-inspired designs: the more original the ring, how more they will be pleased. Buying an engagement ring for your loved one has never been more difficult. And even though diamond solitaire engagement rings are still a popular choice, a lot of women desire a marriage proposal with a unique engagement ring. Here you can find some nice (engagement ring) ideas:

Floral accents

Show your love with flowers. Floral designs, petals, etc., engagement rings that seem plucked straight from the garden. Flower power, floral engagement rings are a unique way to preach your undying love for her.

Colourful diamonds

If you would like to buy a non-traditional engagement ring for your loved one, then are coloured diamonds a wonderful idea. Pink diamonds are the most popular, but also yellow pieces do well. Or why not brown or black diamonds?

Vintage designs

Vintage engagement rings with a Victorian touch or Art Deco models are trending again. They are both glamorous as timeless, more and more men propose to their beloved with a unique (heir) piece.

The trilogy engagement ring

If you would buy a trilogy engagement ring for your beloved, it will go hand in hand with a lot of symbolism. The 3 diamonds represent the past, the present and the future. After all, you are planning on sharing your life with her.

Modern halos

The classic halo ring is one of the most popular engagement rings. Currently they are even available in more beautiful (and more original) versions. A halo setting makes the central diamond look bigger, in other words, ideal for those with a limited budget.

Personal engravings

Engravings can be a romantic and unique way to express your love when you want to give an engagement ring a personal touch. Absolutely everything can be engraved: a favourite quote or a personal message, nothing is impossible.

Red Gold

There are several reasons why men buy an engagement ring in red gold. Not only do they have a vintage feel, red golden engagement rings also exude pure femininity.

Buying an engagement ring, timeless or with a unique touch, doesn't have to be difficult. BAUNAT will be happy to assist you in your search for the perfect engagement ring.

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