Jewellery is the ideal gift for a lot of different occasions, whether it’s Valentine's Day, for your grandmother's big birthday, or simply as a surprise to make your girlfriend, partner, or wife feel special.

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For whom is a necklace suitable as a gift?

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Necklaces are a very versatile gift, which makes it a suitable choice for almost every occasion.. In contrast to a ring or earrings, which are very personal and can generally only be gifted to your own partner, a chain with a pendant for ladies is also suitable as a gift for your daughter, mother, or granny.

The diverse range of designs for chains, ranging from conservative to modern or playful, mean you can perfectly match the gift to the recipient. As a necklace with a pendant for your granny, for example, a truly classic medallion with a photo of the family inside would be a good option. A lasting memory with a very personal touch, maybe to mark a significant birthday. For your wife or girlfriend, a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant would be a very appropriate selection, especially as a symbol of your love on Valentine's Day.

On which occasions can you give a necklace as a gift?

A necklace is an innocent gift, that is not restricted to specific occasions and is practically always the right choice. Beginning from the birth of a child, a birthday, special milestones in life such as communion, finishing school, graduating from university, getting a promotion, or wedding anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or Christmas.

The age of the recipient is of no relevance whatsoever, from childhood into old age, a necklace is a timeless accessory that is lovely to wear and can be combined flexibly with other pieces of jewellery. If you want to give jewellery as a gift but are unsure which type of jewellery is the right choice, you can't go wrong with a chain. Although the term "last resort gift" doesn't sound particularly complementary, there is really nothing wrong with being on the safe side if you are not familiar with the recipient's preferences or are having difficulty making a decision.

Even on occasions for which a necklace would not even have been up for consideration just a few decades ago, they are now being given as gifts more often. For instance, engagement necklaces are increasing in popularity as an alternative to the ring, especially for women who cannot or are not permitted to wear jewellery on their hands, for professional reasons.

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Which type of chain or pendant should I give as a gift?

When giving a necklace as a gift, whether for your granny, girlfriend, wife, or daughter, you should always take three factors into consideration: the personal taste of the recipient, the occasion, and last but not least, the available budget.

For a first communion, for example, a fine chain with a small cross pendant makes for a classic and entirely sufficient gift. Your grandmother will be more pleased with a classic piece of jewellery than a more trendy name pendant, which is highly popular among the Hollywood stars. As a fantastic gift for a really unusual occasion, this collier will delight your girlfriend, but if you don't want to spend quite so much, a small solitaire pendant is also an appreciative and cherishing gesture.

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