• Advice on how to make your proposal a success.

Is a marriage proposal from a woman to her loved one really any different? Of course not. But despite the new legal regulations that finally permit everyone to get married and now treat male, female and transgender people equally, many same-sex couples are still concerned about the reaction that – depending on the location – will come from third parties witnessing the proposal. Out of fear that intolerant people might react negatively, many lesbian couples therefore decide to propose within their own four walls – even if they would much rather share the big moment in a larger setting. Unfortunately, these worries can’t be completely dismissed yet. Nevertheless: Have the courage to put an engagement ring on your girlfriend’s finger – it’s worth it!

It all comes down to the idea

In proposing to your partner, the main point is always about conveying the idea that you truly know her inside out and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. When proposing, it’s not about meeting others’ expectations – choose a setting, a location and a course of action that meets yours. Whether you want to take a classic approach and do it in a restaurant or instead decide to do something unusual, choose a place that connects you, that your share common memories in, and that stands for a special moment in your life together.

Plan your budget

Besides the proposal, the engagement ring is a very central aspect of the engagement. Even if you’re planning a big party with lots of friends and the whole family, there should still be enough money left for a suitable engagement ring. The proposal is an unforgettable moment, so the ring should do the occasion justice. The classic engagement ring is a solitaire ring in white or yellow gold with a brilliant cut diamond.

Have an alternative plan

The most beautiful idea is not immune to hindrances such as bad weather. Especially in the event that you are planning on proposing in the great outdoors, as part of a planned garden party or by getting down on one knee in the middle of a pedestrian zone, you should have some alternatives lined up for if the weather doesn’t play along (and all the more so if the time cannot be spontaneously shifted). Murphy’s law also applies to marriage proposals: If you have an alternative up your sleeve, everything runs smoothly. But if you haven’t considered one, in the worst case you will be caught flat-footed.

Speak freely

During a proposal, nobody expects a polished speech that carries on for several minutes; rather, it is about honestly and directly expressing one’s own feelings. You can of course think about how you want to ask the question of all questions first, but cheat sheets or formulated and directly read texts – as well as expressions that have been learned by heart – tend to ruin the romance of the moment. Just let your feelings run wild – you will find the right words as you go!

Don’t forget to celebrate

Just as an engagement ring is part of every proposal, so too is the engagement party – regardless of whether the proposal takes place in the intimate surroundings of your home or in a larger setting. This doesn’t need to happen on the same day, but should not be missing from the planning.

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