Pinterest is a social medium where you can visually get ideas for all your projects or interests. That also makes it very suitable to find inspiration for your marriage. You can find a treasure trove of ideas for the most beautiful day of your life: from creative decoration to the wedding reception, invitations or thank you notes for afterwards. You also learn about a lot of cute goodies that you yourself wouldn’t have thought of. Plan your wedding now with Pinterest!

The free alternative to a wedding planner

Should wedding planners gradually start fearing for their jobs? More and more brides-to-be are finding food for thought about the setting of their wedding or the diamond locket they want to wear on the internet. Via the thousands of photo blogs on Pinterest dedicated to getting married and getting engaged, you can collect a variety of nice things and use them as a mood board for your own wedding. You can browse undisturbed through the boards of other brides (to be) and in doing so will often be saving hundreds of euros otherwise spent on professional advice.

Find inspiration for your wedding and share with others

Do you also want a wedding that stands out? Make an account on Pinterest and explore the vast arsenal of fresh wedding ideas. Pinterest is a social medium, so others can like your ‘pins’ and add them to their own board. You can also follow other people’s boards and vice versa. After your wedding you can add photos of your own wedding to your heart’s content as an inspiration for others.

Give your fiancé a hint for the engagement ring

Via the search engine on Pinterest you can find a lot of wonderful wedding and engagement rings in all sizes, shapes and colours. Not yet engaged, but wanting to give your loved one a hint? Place your favourite wedding or engagement rings on your board. On the website of BAUNAT you can find beautiful images that you can immediately upload to your Pinterest profile.

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