• Plant-based wedding ring carriers: a beautiful wedding tradition that is just as important today
  • The different type of wedding ring carriers
  • Plant-based carriers to show your wedding rings off

Tradition has it that wedding rings are placed on a pretty cushion during the ceremony. However, as marriage is a special day for the bride and groom, they have the right to personalise their special day. Read our article on how to choose the groom's wedding ring, which may be identical or completely different to the bride's wedding ring.

Thus,  today wedding ring carriers are on offer in different shapes and styles to fit any wedding theme; discover the selection of wedding ring carriers on Pinterest. A plant-based ring carrier is very on trend, and is perfectly suited to wedding rings. Why not choose a plant-based ring carrier to make your wedding even more memorable?

Plant-based wedding ring carriers: a beautiful wedding tradition that is just as important today

A wedding is a great celebration where customs, symbols and traditions combine to make it a unique day. Discover the latest trends in diamond wedding rings; BAUNAT will help you find the wedding ring to suit you.

So, while tradition dictates that the best man is responsible for the wedding rings on the day itself, it's increasingly common for page boys and girls to bring the rings to the altar on a pretty cushion, during the religious ceremony.

This avoids the problem of the best man nervously rummaging in his pockets to find the wedding rings. Moreover, for even more originality, wedding ring carriers available in different shapes and styles, such as plant-based carriers.

The different type of wedding ring carriers

Between tradition and modernity, ring-carriers are now available in all shapes and styles. The era of the velvet cushion is over, and today the bride and groom are more likely to opt for highly symbolic wedding ring carriers, to make the delivery of the rings even more memorable.

If you have opted for a country wedding, or a wedding based around nature is your thing, you can opt for a plant-based ring carrier. There are also models designed as a box, so the wedding rings are then carried in a pretty box with a lid that can be decorated according to the wishes of the bride and groom. The ability to create your own wedding ring carrier adds a unique element.

Plant-based carriers to show your wedding rings off

A coconut, a piece of wood, hay, flowers, twigs, can all be chosen to better highlight the romantic and natural side of your wedding.

With a plant-based ring carrier, not only can you add a touch of nature to your big day, you can also help the planet.

With a piece of wood decorated with flowers and a bit of lace, or with plant moss and a few pretty flowers, you can create a magnificent plant-based ring carrier. When choosing your wedding rings, be inspired by some of the most beautiful models BAUNAT has to offer.

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