Round shapes in earrings are extremely popular, they not only flatter the curved shape of the earlobe but also look elegant and timeless, and can be beautifully combined with many other pieces of jewellery. 

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Welche Vorteile bieten runde Ohrstecker oder Ohrringe?

A very pragmatic advantage is their comfort; round ear jewellery rarely gets caught in hair or when changing clothes and will sit on the ear without any annoying corners and edges. They are easy to clean and even in a rather chaotic jewellery box, round earrings hardly ever get tangled up with other jewellery. Perfect for everyday life with tight schedules or when travelling.
With diamonds, the round cut, more commonly known as the brilliant cut, has significant optical advantages. The light enters the diamond optimally from all sides and is accordingly well refracted and reflected by the facets of the gemstone. The result is a strong sparkle and fire that can hardly be achieved with any other cut. It is not for nothing that brilliant-cut diamonds are by far the most used diamonds in high-quality jewellery.
Are you looking for larger stud earrings in a round design? No problem, completely round designs don't have to be boring! Round designs, such as those in the Solé collection by Elisa Schepens, become real eye-catchers thanks to a more vivid surface.

Round elements can also be found in many other designs, such as flower stud earrings, twirls and of course the popular creoles.

What round settings exist for ear jewellery?

The best-known round setting for diamonds is the prong setting, in which four to six, or occasionally also three or eight, small prongs hold the diamond. It is made for the brilliant cut and allows light to enter from all sides. This setting is a great choice to perfectly showcase a single solitaire diamond.

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Would you like it to be a little rounder? Then take a look at the bezel setting. The setting is completely round and surrounds the entire side of the diamond as a band.

A unique design is the halo setting, which, strictly speaking, is not a setting of its own, but a design. One also speaks of halo earrings. Here, a circle of smaller diamonds are set around the central diamond, highlighting the stone in the middle. This makes the diamond in the centre look a bit larger than it actually is, and the sparkle of the stud or earring is enhanced by the additional stones. The result is simple, elegant and yet spectacular.

Are you interested in round stud earrings or diamond earrings? Would you prefer a completely different shape? Do you have any questions or would you like expert advice on your choice? The BAUNAT team will be happy to help you, just get in touch.
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