Giving your loved ones a gift can strengthen your relationship with them. Think of a romantic gift for your wife or girlfriend or a symbolic gift for your daughter at one of the milestones in her life. Jewellery is a gift that makes every woman happy. It is also a gift that can convey a special message due to its symbolism. You can personalise the jewellery and make it completely your own. Are you looking for suitable jewellery as a gift for a significant woman in your life and you need some inspiration and tips? We have compiled a list for you.

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What romantic gift can I give my wife, fiancé or girlfriend?

There are some occasions that require a romantic gift more than others. Consider your wedding anniversary. At times like that, your partner naturally expects more than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. There is no better way to underline your everlasting love for her than with a diamond.
Man gives woman a diamond necklace as a gift for a special occasion - BAUNAT
To find her an original gift, have a look at our diamond rings. You don't know her ring size? Then it may be a good idea to buy a diamond necklace, an elegant bracelet or a lovely set of diamond earrings. Turn a necklace into an exceptionally romantic gift for her by adding a locket to it. A personal engraving will make it complete. If you want to make it even more original, then have an item of jewellery custom-made. You wife will appreciate the jewellery even more when you have put your heart and soul into it to make sure it suits her character perfectly.

What jewellery symbolises my love for my partner?

One piece of jewellery has more symbolic value than the other. Do you like things with a deeper meaning? Then give your loved one a symbolic piece of jewellery. An eternity ring or a Toi & Moi ring has great symbolic value as jewellery. You can make the jewellery even more special by adding her birth stone or by choosing jewellery with a red ruby, the colour of love.

What jewellery can I give for Valentine's Day or our wedding anniversary?

For Valentine's Day or your wedding anniversary, you want to spoil each other. You can of course raise a glass to a successful relationship. After a delicious dinner by candlelight, you can show your partner how much you appreciate them by ending the day with a beautiful gift. It's the small things that keep your relationship alive. Would you like to do something really special? If so, then with the hardest and most beautiful precious stones, diamond jewellery is a symbol of your endless love.
Any jewellery with hearts is perfect for Valentine's Day
A diamond necklace with a heart, heart-shaped drop earrings or a set of XO stud earrings are popular choices for a day when you celebrate love. Would you prefer jewellery that shows her individuality? Then we recommend a unique cocktail ring, a floral bracelet or a necklace with a unique design.

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Woman wears pear-shaped engagement ring from BAUNAT
Buying an engagement ring and the accompanying question, are very significant and romantic moments. You naturally want her to love the ring that she will wear every day. You can choose from many options for an engagement ring, but the solitaire ring is still the most popular.

You could also choose a halo ring; the surrounding smaller diamonds make the center diamond look larger. A good option if your budget is a bit lower. A trilogy ring is also beautiful as an engagement ring.

Experts tips and tricks when buying an engagement ring

Nowadays, it is quite normal to choose a coloured diamond for an engagement ring. You could, for example, get a beautiful pink or red diamond.

Of course you want to be able to put that ring on her finger once she has said 'yes', so it is important to know the right ring size. You can measure it by taking one of her rings to the jewellers. To be completely sure, you could also order a ring sizer gauge, although that is not as subtle.

What gift can I give to my mother or family member?

Diamond jewellery is a wonderful gift for Mother's Day or Christmas. A pair of earrings or a bracelet are fashionable and easy to combine with the rest of her jewellery. So, you can't go wrong with those.

Take a sneaky peek in the jewellery box of the person you want to buy a gift for. Then you will get an idea of what she likes and what she wears regularly. You can base your gift on that. Does she wear large statement jewellery? Then give her jewellery that is simpler and subtler. Does she like combining different precious metals? Then you have free rein and you can also mix precious metals.
BAUNAT diamond earrings are perfect jewellery for her at the end of the year

What gift can I give for Christmas or New Year?

You can choose a unique piece from our collections for Christmas or New Year. For example, these beautiful unique earrings from the L’Etoile collection. The collection with stars exudes a real Christmas feeling. Give her these earrings at Christmas and then she can wear them on New Year's Eve.

If you are looking for something classical for your aunt or your grandmother, then the BAUNAT classics are an excellent option. A beautiful necklace or diamond stud earrings will always be appreciated.

Take a look at these stunning earrings

What present can I give her for her birthday?

On her birthday, it is important that you give her something that matches her style. Take a peek in her jewellery box to see what she likes to wear and which precious metals she prefers. That will make it easier for you to combine the gift, such as a ring or a bracelet, with the rest of her jewellery.

Jewellery for her birthday can be fashionable and modern. Consider a series of stackable rings, a beautiful cuff bracelet or a set of necklaces. Then she can wear your jewellery gift every day.
A locket is a very personal item of jewellery to give as a gift - BAUNAT

What present can I give for Mother's Day?

For Mother's Day, you are best opting for personalised jewellery. After all, no other gift shows more love than that. You can personalise it in different ways. You can have text engraved on the inside of a ring or bracelet or on the back of a locket. You could also opt for jewellery set with your mother's birth stone. Naturally, you can have jewellery crafted that is entirely custom-made. That way you'll be sure to give jewellery entirely suited to your mother's taste, which will make her very happy indeed.

What jewellery can I give to my daughter or god-daughter?

Besides your partner or mother, your daughter or god-daughter are also important women in your life. You can give her a beautiful gift in the shape of diamond jewellery at the different milestones in her life.

A gold bracelet at her birth

A gold bracelet is a wonderful option, you could even have a message engraved in it, such as her date of birth. Make sure that you also choose a high-quality piece of jewellery that closes well and which does not have any parts which might come loose. Ensure that your little daughter does not have any rash or allergic reaction to it as her skin is extra sensitive. Stay near your baby when she is wearing jewellery.
Young girl with her first earrings - BAUNAT

Her first earrings

The time you get your daughter's ears pierced depends on your culture. In many countries this happens when the baby is little. When she gets older, you can choose a lovely pair of diamond earrings together. Her first real earrings, gold with diamonds. We advise you to get studs for children. They like playing about and long earrings could get caught in something.

For her communion or alternative ceremony

Across the world, we celebrate the time when our children become adults. There is Sweet 16 in the USA, Quinceañera - when girls turn fifteen - in many South American countries and communities, bat mitzvah, confirmation in the Catholic church...
Choose a lovely pair of earrings or a bracelet with an engraving for her communion
An eternity necklace from BAUNAT as a communion gift
This is the perfect moment to get her ears pierced and to choose a pair of earrings. Has the time already come to try out longer earrings? Or what about a personalised necklace designed with her name. Or an eternity necklace for Quinceañera to symbolise the eternal circle of life?

Take a look at this eternity necklace here

A bracelet is a beautiful diamond gift for a communion or alternative ceremony. You could incorporate the child's birth stone or have a lovely text engraved on it.

For her 18th birthday

Yellow gold pendant with three diamonds from BAUNAT
Or get her a piece which can be worn for years, like this pendant with three round diamonds delicately surrounded by yellow gold or a tennis bracelet.

Or you can opt for symbolism, with the aforementioned personalised locket (with her name or a word of your choice).

Or buy her a beautiful statement piece, the main jewellery for all your daughter's outfits, from one of our collections such as these pendants.

Take a close-up look at this pendant

When she graduates

We know of the so-called ‘graduation ring’ or ‘class ring’ mainly from American films, but it's a genuine tradition. Usually, the school emblem and graduation year are incorporated in this ring, which is worn by both girls as well as boys. This typical American graduation gift is usually somewhat extravagant. Would you like to follow this tradition? If so, opt for a cocktail ring. Would you like something a little simpler? Then buy a delicate diamond ring, with or without a suitable engraving for a proud young lady.

In any case, it is a wonderful moment to give her her first diamond ring.
Man and woman wearing wedding rings - BAUNAT

When she gets married

There is also a common tradition that parents buy diamond bridal jewellery for their engaged children. It is a good idea to buy something your daughter can wear during and after the wedding ceremony, such as a tennis bracelet or diamond drop earrings . An elegant diamond necklace will also go down well. Give the jewellery in advance so your daughter can match her outfit and other jewellery to it.

How can I personalise the jewellery for her?

Necklace with name tag from BAUNAT
There are various ways to personalise the jewellery.

  • You can have text engraved on the inside of a ring or bracelet. So here you can add a personal message, important date or motto that adds a wonderful meaning to your gift.

  • You can also give a lovely message with a birth stone. Choose a ring that matches her birth month with a Toi et Moi ring or satellite bracelet, for example.

  • You don't think that is personal enough? Then have an item of jewellery custom-made or design something yourself. You could have your wife's name made in a personal locket or design a ring that matches her style perfectly. Please do not hesitate in seeking style advice from the BAUNAT experts.

Order your custom-made jewellery here

When are you starting your search for her perfect jewellery?

If you start searching ahead of time, you will beat the crowds and have a better chance of finding exactly what you want. Are you looking for a wonderful piece of jewellery? Most BAUNAT jewellery is delivered within 10 days. For custom-made designs, it takes about four weeks. Keep that in mind when you are looking for the perfect jewellery for her.

What can I expect from my BAUNAT gift?

Buying your jewellery online at BAUNAT offers you all kinds of benefits. BAUNAT represents certified quality at the best possible price. By choosing from our premium precious metals and underpinned by BAUNAT's years of garnered expertise, you acquire diamond jewellery of outstanding quality. Fewer intermediaries and limited overheads mean we can offer you competitively priced diamond jewellery. After all, we invest in efficiency and in expertise. No expensive marketing campaigns, luxurious offices or retail outlets. Our investments are reflected in BAUNAT's diamond jewellery.

With an extensive jewellery collection and jewellery designers who are Belgian born and bred, crafting by hand in the diamond capital Antwerp, we are the ultimate partner for all your diamond gift requirements. Only the very best metals are melted and processed to become BAUNAT jewellery. Our Antwerp-based specialists respect traditions and boast the technical know-how in crafting top quality jewellery. Which is why we can offer you an extraordinary 20 year product guarantee.
Your gift will be beautifully wrapped by BAUNAT
When you place your Valentine's Day BAUNAT jewellery gift order, we handle it with the utmost care and discretion. What can you expect once you have placed your order?

  • Free delivery of your insured gift
  • Delivery is usually within 10 working days
  • Exclusive gift wrapping
  • Possibility to return the jewellery within 30 days
  • 20 year guarantee

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We have now provided you with a comprehensive guide which should enable you to find the perfect gift for her for any occasion. If you would like more information or inspiration for other special days, then keep reading.
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