People behind BAUNAT

Stefaan Mouradian

Managing Director

  • Born in Belgium in 1963
  • Professional background:
    - various management positions in the banking industry 
    - strategic counsellor and manager in the diamond and
       jewellery industry at international level
  • Interests: wild life and nature, his family, philosophy, history, travelling,
    inspiring conversations, and playing chess
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Steven Boelens

Executive Director

  • Born in Belgium in 1976
  • Professional background: since 2000 in the international diamond and
    jewellery industry, successively as a broker, consultant and manager
  • Interests: travelling, nature, sailing, skiing, current affairs, jewellery and his family
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Dominique De Rijcke

Executive Director

  • Born in Belgium in 1978
  • Professional background:
    • Since 2001 director of various web and online related businesses, including one of the top 5 Belgian e-commerce agencies.
    • Consultant in the field of e-commerce and digital developments
  • Interests: food, travel, business, golf
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Jean-François Duprez

Board member

  • Born in France in 1945
  • Professional background:
    • until 1996, Core member of the General Management of Groupe Auchan (France)
    • until 2007, CEO of the Groupe Camaieu (listed on SBF 120, France)
    • currently president of the board of Surveillance of Camaieu
  • Interests: travelling, Flemish painters (especially 17th century), golf,
    any form of distribution business model, his family


Patrick Limbos

Board member

  • Born in Belgium in 1957
  • Professional background:
    • Over 25 years experience in corporate and international banking
    • Currently Deputy President Business Line 'Corporate in
      Emerging Markets at BNP Paribas (Paris)
  • Interests: his family, walking, travelling, playing chess, economy
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Maurice Kantor

Board member

  • Born in France in 1965
  • Professional background: ESTP engineer after 3 years spent within the real estate business and 20 years as CEO / founder of a company in the business services field (vending machines in France) which was sold in 2011, I am now an investor providing advice to companies in which I first invest directly or through my club funding platform:
  • Interests: sports, boating, travel, internet business, family
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