Not only diamonds are popular, brides-to-be also like pearls. A lot of women choose to wear only (white) pearls on their big day, because they match nicely with the virgin white wedding dress. But why not go for a combination of both? In this way, the brilliance of the diamond lights up the pure white color and authenticity of the pearl. This creates a masterpiece in which the pearl and the diamond both play a leading role. Because can you imagine not wearing diamonds on the most beautiful day of your life?

The combination of pearls and diamonds was very popular in the past, but since a couple of seasons such (bridal) jewels are back in fashion! They have something royal, something magical, you feel like a princess. Talking about princesses, recently our very own princess Claire attended some royalty parties wearing a brand new tiara set with diamonds ánd pearls, a sign that this trend is not over yet. Women look up to princesses and want to be the princess for one day on their own wedding.

We, at Baunat, are specialized in diamonds and gemstones, but we can also add pearls to the (bridal) jewel you want. We offer the perfect made-to-measure jewel.

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