The end of the year is approaching so lets review the trends of 2018 that made our eyes twinkle before we dive into the new year with its 2019 popular designs that we will share with you in the upcoming weeks.

The main motto that we have seen emerge throughout the year is: “go gold, go bold”. After years of platinum and other special metals being the preferred metals for consumers, this year we saw buyers going back to basics: shiny, classic golds. Furthermore, the trend slowly evolved to bold statement jewellery towards the end of 2018, as it became obvious that jewellery is considered an integral part of an outfit and not so much of an accessory anymore.

  • Go gold, go bold
  • Fine jewellery

Go gold, go bold

The main trend we saw gain traction this year, especially towards the end of the year holiday season is statement jewellery. In fact, as mentioned earlier, when browsing online and on reputed online magazines such as The Jewellery Editor, it has become clear that the motto for 2018 was “ go gold, go bold”.

Going gold is especially related to the fact that for a few years now, consumers have been attracted by either precious metal such as platinum or by more unique metals such as aluminium. Gold, and in particular yellow gold has made a strong comeback this year. As warm, glowing colours matched particularly well all the block vivid colours that were in fashion this year. A yellow gold ring or a bracelet really add warmth to an outfit.

And all this gold, has to be bold. The main takeaway this year is that the gold rings and jewellery have to be bold and clearly make a statement. The jewellery has to be visible and become part of the outfit like a piece of art enhancing a whole living room.

Fine jewellery

The second trend we have observed this year is the increasing love of fine jewellery. Up until recently, fine jewellery seemed to be reserved for the wealthy or for very special occasions. But lately fine jewellery is more integrated in fashion and consumer trends as part of daily lives. It has become more popular and accepted in society to wear fine gold rings and jewellery whenever you feel like it. There is no need to keep your stunning diamond and gold ring or your favourite statement necklace in your safe waiting for a special event, you can easily wear it for your holiday parties and even at work.

Whether you love gold rings to make a statement or finer gold rings, BAUNAT has a wonderful selection of high jewellery as well as bold jewellery that will certainly match your love for jewellery and fashion. Do not hesitate to browse through our online collection or to book an appointment in one of our showrooms for a special viewing of our collections.

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