You receive a beautiful necklace as a gift, but the length doesn't fit your physique, your clothing style or your hairstyle well? That does not have to be a problem, your professional jeweler can lengthen most necklaces quite easily. BAUNAT will tell you more about the possibilities.

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Why should I have my necklace lengthened?

Many girls receive a beautiful gold or diamond necklace as a gift, which they must have lengthened over time as they grow up. Necklaces come in numerous lengths and shapes, from a close-fitting choker to roomy matinee. Which length is ideal for you depends on your personal taste, how you are built, whether you have a long or short haircut, what you want to accentuate (your neckline, your bosom...) and with which outfit you wear the necklace (collar or bare neck).

Can I have a necklace lengthened in any design?

Most necklaces (and bracelets) can be lengthened or shortened without too much trouble by an undertrained jeweller. Although there are some exceptions. A necklace in riviere design, for example, cannot possibly be made longer. In that case you may opt for a so-called extension piece in the same precious metal. This is attached to the end of the chain and contains a number of links, so that you can adjust the length as it were. Aesthetically, however, this is not a 100% elegant solution.

What about fine necklaces?

Most fine necklaces can also be lengthened if desired. Obviously, you want to preserve the value of your fine jewellery. Therefore, it is always a good idea to call in the help of a professional. He or she can determine exactly which precious metal and which alloy were used for the necklace. Determining the exact color is also important, as scratches or dirt can cause the metal to change color or appearance. A jeweller who can deliver custom work certainly knows how to handle that.

Do you have a BAUNAT necklace that you would like to extend? Feel free to ask our specialists for advice. Or visit one of our showrooms by appointment.
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