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Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces

Within our selection of diamond necklaces; you can find a perfect item of jewellery for every occasion. Our selection includes unique, timeless diamond necklaces as well as diamond necklaces with a contemporary interpretation from our designer collection. BAUNAT works solely with the best quality materials, guarantees perfection and offers this high-quality diamond jewellery at the best prices.

BAUNAT only uses the best materials: 18 carat gold (75% gold, alloy 'Au750') or Platinum 950 (95% platinum, alloy 'Pt950'). BAUNAT offers diamond pendantsdiamond necklaces and diamond lockets.

In case that you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.


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BAUNAT: Beautiful diamond pendants, diamond necklaces and diamond lockets

Pendants, necklaces and lockets can be offered as a perfect gift for many occasions. It can be an expression of love, a symbol of faith, or an eye-catching fashion statement. The selection on the BAUNAT website ensures a wide range for everyone’s taste and style. In case you cannot find what you are looking for, there is also the possibility to create a tailor-made pendant, necklace or locket.

The diamond pendant

Diamonds are a common choice to be featured in a pendant. While diamonds are mostly associated with rings, they are very often used in pendants. When purchasing a diamond pendant for yourself or your loved one, you should always consider the location on the wearer’s body where the pendant is going to hang, and make sure that it fits suits that person’s personality and style. There are various different styles available for a diamond pendant, ranging from a solitaire diamond pendant with one diamond, to a three-stone diamond pendant or other shapes such as a hearts, entourage pendants etcetera.

The diamond necklace

The difference between a diamond pendant and a diamond necklace, is that a diamond necklace is generally defined as the chain type, whereas a diamond pendant is a piece of jewellery that hangs on a necklace and can in most cases be removed. For diamond necklaces, there are also numerous styles and shapes available, ranging from a fine diamond necklace to  a beautiful designer necklace.

The diamond locket

A beautiful diamond locket is the ideal jewel to keep your most significant moments, ideas and inspirations close to your heart. No matter the age, a diamond locket is often gifted because it is a contemporary, timeless gift. The BAUNAT diamond locket with small round diamonds has the unique ability to carry romantic significance, since it expresses love for someone dear to the person wearing it. The combination of the aesthetic appeal and the stories held inside it is what makes a beautiful diamond locket both unique and memorable.