0.30 carat fine necklace in yellow gold with yellow diamonds Necklaces

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0.30 carat fine necklace in yellow gold with yellow diamonds

0.30 carat fine necklace in yellow gold with yellow diamonds
0.30 carat fine necklace in yellow gold with yellow diamonds
0.30 carat fine necklace in yellow gold with yellow diamonds
0.30 carat fine necklace in yellow gold with yellow diamonds

0.30 carat fine necklace in yellow gold with yellow diamonds

  • Alloy: 18 Kt yellow gold
  • Carat weight: 0.30 Ct
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Information on this jewel


Article code : CY-GY-N5-0030R

This jewel is handmade by our goldsmiths in our Antwerp workshop. As we work with natural materials and artisanal production processes we cannot give an exact delivery time. Contact our support team for an estimate on delivery date.

Jewel information

  • Alloy : 18 Kt yellow gold

Diamond information

  • Yellow round diamonds, with a total of 0.30 Ct, of high quality
  • Yellow diamonds


  • Width: 1.50 mm
  • Thickness metal: 1.80 mm
  • Length: 40.00 cm
  • Total weight: 4.40 g

Shipping details

BAUNAT offers free delivery worldwide. When your jewel is ready, we will contact you to arrange the delivery with you personally. We only work with reliable courier services that have extended experience in the shipment of valuable goods. All our shipments are 100% insured.

Packaging details

Every BAUNAT jewel comes with exquisite jewellery gift packaging, including a BAUNAT jewellery box, shopping bag, guarantee card and cleaning cloth. The packaging is perfectly suited for a present.

Certificate details

You will receive a diamond certificate for every stone larger than or equal to 0.3 carat. At BAUNAT we only work with the most renowned certificates of the diamond industry worldwide: GIA, HRD & IGI.


0.30 carat fine necklace in yellow gold with yellow diamonds

BAUNAT reviews 9.9/10 (This rating is based on 2494 reviews)

Worldwide N°1 for jewellery

Our customers can share their personal experience with BAUNAT by writing a review using Trustpilot. The original reviews for this jewel have been translated for your convenience.

  • J Jacobs

    Uitstekende website, persoonlijke service en prachtige diamanten halsketting

    De website van Baunat vind ik zeer gebruiksvriendelijk en op de informatie die erop gegeven wordt, valt niets aan te merken. De service was correct en persoonlijk bij elke stap, wat je toch geruststelt bij een dergelijke aankoop. Ook de levering verliep snel en vlekkeloos, zelfs hier in Rabat, Marokko. En nog belangrijker: mijn vrouw was werkelijk dolgelukkig met de prachtige diamanten halsketting... Bedankt!

    read more

  • Kunde

    Zeer goede kwaliteit tegen een correcte prijs zonder tussenpersonen

    Omdat mijn vriendin zo enthousiast was over het andere juweel, besloot ik om opnieuw bij Baunat te bestellen. De diamanten halsketting getuigt opnieuw van vakmanschap. De erg faire prijzen, de uitstekende kwaliteit, de goede en snelle service ter plaatse en per e-mail alsook de mogelijkheid om de btw terug te krijgen, mocht je buiten de EU wonen, heeft me ook de tweede keer ten volle weten te overtuigen.

    read more

  • A.Verellen

    Zeer goede kwaliteit met fantastische service

    Baunat heeft ons met hun excellente kennis van zaken bijgestaan met raad ivm onze aankoop van een diamanten halsketting. De diamanten die wij verkregen via hen zijn werkelijk prachtig en van zeer goede kwaliteit. Ook op de service niets aan te merken, de bestelling en levering ging zeer vlot.

    read more

BAUNAT: Diamond pendants, necklaces and medallions

Pendants, necklaces and medallions are ideal gifts for all sorts of occasions (Mother’s Day, a christening, birthday etc.). These jewels could be an expression of love, a symbol of faith or a trendy accessory with an eye-catching design. The wide variety available on the BAUNAT website assures there is a jewel for everyone’s taste and style. And if you still can’t find what you are looking for, BAUNAT offers a tailor made service, allowing you to create a unique pendant, necklace or medallion.

The diamond pendant

Diamonds are a common choice for pendants. Indeed, even if diamonds are mainly associated with rings, they are very often found set in pendants. When purchasing a diamond pendant for yourself or your loved one, you should always consider where the diamond pendant is worn on the body and whether or not the jewel corresponds with the personality and style of the wearer. There are different styles of pendants available, ranging from a diamond solitaire pendant with a single diamond, to a trilogy pendant, an entourage pendant or a pendant in another shape, such as a heart.

The diamond necklace

The difference between a pendant and a necklace is that a diamond necklace is generally defined as the chain type, whereas a diamond pendant is a jewel that hangs from a chain, whereof it can normally be removed. With diamond necklaces likewise there are various styles and various shapes available, varying from a fine diamond necklace to a beautiful design necklace.

The diamond medallion

A diamond medallion is the ideal jewel for safekeeping precious souvenirs, ideas or inspirations close to your heart. No matter your age, a diamond medallion is often gifted because it’s a modern and timeless present. The BAUNAT medallion with small round diamonds has the capacity of bearing a romantic significance, because it expresses the wearer’s love for someone dear to them. The unique value of a diamond medallion is the combination of the aesthetic aspect with a personal story. These two aspects make this jewel both unique and memorable.

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