• Which diamond and gold necklaces are popular with most women?
  • How should a thin, long or short gold necklace be worn?
  • Which precious metals suit you best?

A gold necklace for women is an elegant piece of jewellery that goes with any outfit. It is a timeless trend and a durable jewel will last for years. There are also many different types of necklaces in various forms, from long to short, with or without sparkling pendants, as well as necklaces with lockets. The options are endless. We are happy to advise you to best wear the most popular trends over the years.

The red gold necklace with medallion for women is a real statement from the BAUNAT collection

What are the most popular gold necklaces for women?

Gold necklaces with an eye-catching diamond are most popular. This precious stone can be used in various ways. For instance, how about a beautiful yellow gold pendant with solitaire diamond, for an elegant and subtle sparkle? Or go for a statement piece and choose a diamond locket that will turn heads. If you want the necklace to really stand out, you could decide on a pendant with a coloured diamond.

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A gold necklace with a diamond is on itself totally irresistible. If that diamond is also deeply coloured, then you will without any doubt catch people's eye.

Certain colours are naturally scarcer and more expensive than others. But one thing's for sure — they all look perfect in a woman's necklace. And despite the often-striking colour of your diamond, you can wear your jewellery both during the day as well as for special occasions.

Which colour of diamond might you choose?

Coloured diamonds come in various shades, with their own colour grading according to the GIA system, and thus with a specific value. A yellow diamond might be bright yellow, but it could also have an orange or even brown tint. Blue diamonds on the other hand can have an intense colour, from deepest blue to teal or aquamarine. You've probably heard of the most famous of all blue diamonds, the Heart of the Ocean from the film, Titanic.

Would you love a blue diamond necklace, but your budget doesn't quite stretch? Then a woman's necklace with a sapphire is an equally beautiful and valuable alternative. The scarcest colours for a diamond are pink, red and green. Red rubies and green emeralds are beautiful alternatives.

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Woman wears a gold necklace for ladies with yellow diamond from BAUNAT

Why choose a necklace with a yellow diamond?

You now know that diamonds come in every colour of the rainbow. Yellow diamonds are the second most common type of naturally coloured diamond. Their radiant colour takes the beauty of your new necklace to an unprecedented level. Many coloured diamonds have been discovered through the ages, which have made their mark on history.

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Yellow stones owe their sunny shade to nitrogen atoms which end up in the diamond's carbon structure when it is forming.

One unique example is L’Incomparable, a diamond necklace with the world's largest flawless yellow diamond, at 407 carats. This exclusive diamond was discovered by accident among the waste material from a mine in Congo.

Woman wearing gold necklace for ladies with emerald. Find colourful necklaces at BAUNAT

How to make a coloured diamond look its best?

The colour of the diamond or precious stone is guaranteed to be the centrepiece of your outfit. Therefore, the motto "less is more" applies to clothing. Combine a simple monochrome or strapless dress and a gold necklace with a diamond pendant, and you're all set for a classy evening. Consider a green diamond for this, or go for an emerald. A green diamond on a ring could also be worn during the day, against a stylish white blouse or black sweater.

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For instance, mix and match a dark blue stone with a light-coloured top, and avoid outfits in the same colour. It would be a shame if your beautiful jewellery were not to stand out, since you obviously bought it to be seen.

Which precious metals are suitable for your necklace?

If you decide on a colourless diamond for a red gold or yellow gold necklace, you can cut back on the diamond's clarity. Go for a grade H and above diamond. A higher-quality diamond will reflect the colour of the precious metal. A platinum or white gold necklace with a diamond is perfect for women who like modern jewellery.

The unwritten rules of the jewellery business do not, of course, prevent you from mixing different precious metals. Wearing multi-coloured necklaces can even be quite trendy.

Go for two colours and combine a yellow gold necklace with a diamond set in white gold. Or put together your own flamboyant necklace using red, yellow, and white gold or platinum. The trend for multi-coloured necklaces is shown best with a thin necklace.

How should you wear a thin gold necklace?

A delicate necklace is a highly feminine accessory, which you can wear both at work and for a classy dinner. A thin gold necklace goes beautifully with any outfit. Which is why a thin necklace is a much sought-after accessory to complement your bridal wear. Could it be a little more striking? Go for a personalised pendant.

A thin gold necklace is an accessory not just popular with women. You can also get thin gold necklaces for men. Quite a few men find it tough to have dog tags hanging down (like in the army). Wedding rings can also be worn as a pendant on a thin necklace.

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Woman wears gold necklace for ladies on the back. Find gold necklaces at BAUNAT

How should you wear a long gold necklace?

You can go in any direction you like with a long gold necklace. It goes with any kind of dress, shirt or blouse: a turtleneck is no problem either. Many women also appreciate the slimming effect a long necklace can have on the eye. A long necklace can however get in the way of day-to-day business.

The latest trend is to wear a gold necklace on your back. The back chain is principally a trend in bridal fashion. But there's nothing stopping you from introducing the trend onto an open-backed summery ensemble. Some time ago, even the late Lady Di was once spotted with a back chain. Are we better referring to it as a vintage trend, like the choker?

How should you wear a choker?

Most of us immediately associate chokers with the 90s. The choker is now totally in again. The choker revival also meant modernisation for this jewellery. These days you can also buy this short necklace women wear around the neck in gold, with diamonds or coloured gemstones. Pure class!

A choker is a tight necklace worn around the neck, which lasts a lot longer than you might think.

For women with a shorter neck, there is a real chance their neck will seem even shorter. In this case, go for a subtle diamond choker. Do you have a long neck? Then you could also go for a wider design. Feel free to mix with longer necklaces. Especially if you like the extravagant or casual looks.

Woman with diamond choker, the ideal necklace for women with a short haircut. - BAUNAT

How long has the choker been around?

They often had chokers in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Back then they believed these gold necklaces had the power to protect you. Hence why the Egyptians wore them on any part of the body they thought needed protecting, such as their neck, wrists and head. Chokers were often made of gold and had various patterns. As well as being very beautiful, they were also functional. They offered protection against evil forces.

It wasn't until the 1920s, the Art Deco period, that the choker really became a fashion item. It was the perfect necklace for women with short hairstyles.

Which royals were fans of the choker?

One of the first royals to wear a choker was Alexandra of Denmark, who was a Victorian queen. She claimed she wore the choker because she was influenced by Indian fashion during her frequent trips to India. Others claimed she wore chokers to cover up her thyroid surgery.

Imitating the royals back then, lower class women used to pin a strip of velvet around their neck with a brooch or pendant.

Lady Di was also a fan of the choker. Thanks to her, buying a choker took on royal connotations. The choker had already been circulating widely in British royal circles a hundred years earlier. For instance, Queen Victoria was a devotee of bombastic designs showing off her wealth and power.

Bride with shiny ring and beautiful gold chain for ladies from BAUNAT

What necklace complements bridal fashion?

Once you have overcome the many hurdles in planning your wedding, you arrive at the most difficult decision: choosing the wedding dress and the right accessories. Choose matching colours. Are you wearing an ivory or champagne coloured dress? Then match with yellow gold or red gold jewellery. This means you can bring the warm tone of your dress into the jewellery.

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Brides like wearing necklaces as a bridal accessory. Consider the colour and neckline of your dress in order to choose correctly.

A gold necklace in the shape of a teardrop comes into its own against a V-neck dress. It is best to wear a round necklace with a strapless neckline, to break up the bare neck and chest area. With a high neckline, you can safely leave out the necklace and go instead for a diamond tiara, for instance.

Which gold necklaces do women like to get as a present?

A gold necklace with a solitaire brilliant is a wonderful present. The round cut of the brilliant looks fairly classic, while it is timeless at the same time. It is therefore a favourite with women of all ages. A pendant with solitaire brilliant goes just as well with an evening dress as with a rugged T-shirt & skinny jeans combo. For even more sparkle, go for a halo setting.

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What is the history behind our other jewellery?

You now know the full history of necklaces, how the choker came about, what designs there are and how they are worn best, and which necklace you should wear for your wedding. This is already a fair amount of knowledge, but there is so much more to discover about our other jewellery. Read all about it in these blogs.

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