Mother's Day is coming, that day when mothers everywhere are honoured, celebrated and pampered. But how do you thank your mother for all the opportunities, worrying and wise advice she sent your way? Words alone can be so fleeting. Thank her instead with a lasting reminder of what she means to you, and give her a bracelet on Mother's Day.

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Which bracelet would she prefer?

Mother's Day is a symbolic day. The ideal Mother's Day gift knows how to sum up that symbolism in a tangible gift that needs no further explanation. You can attach symbolic meaning to any jewellery. It's about the story you want to tell. But before you tell that story, choose a bracelet for Mother's Day which suits her best. You will find plenty of designs in our bracelets collection which can be personalised into a unique and meaningful Mother's Day bracelet.
Mother and child matching up bracelets and rings together for Mother's Day - BAUNAT
Maybe you go along with a designer's personal tale. They often base their creations on their own experiences and emotions. Unique jewellery that was literally finished with heart and soul.
Mother's Day bracelet, with the names of the children. - BAUNAT

How can you personalise her Mother's Day bracelet?

An original Mother's Day gift is therefore one with a personal message. Do you know exactly what you want to say to your mother? Then have your loving words immortalised in an engraving. Possibly combined with a full-blown Mother's Day necklace which spells out her name.

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If you find it hard to express your thanks and love, you could use symbols. The infinity symbol would be beautiful for your Mother's Day bracelet. Especially if this were set with diamonds, the symbol for an enduring relationship. Another lovely idea is to give her a Mother's Day bracelet with names, both yours and hers. This means you are always there for each other, and she can look for comfort in troubling times.
A mother hugging her daughter on Mother's Day - BAUNAT


Other precious stones also tell stories in their own way. Incidentally, are you familiar with birthstones already? Birthstones mark the month in which you were born: the ultimate mother-child jewellery. You could also have a necklace made with your mother's birthstone. A necklace on Mother's Day has been a real hit in recent years.

How about designing a bracelet for Mother's Day together?

Do you often think back to your childhood? No doubt your mother does, too. Perhaps she even saved something you made in craft at school for Mother's Day, or perhaps you made bracelets for Mother's Day? Bring that memory back to life by fashioning together a bracelet for Mother's Day, or design one together and personalise it. This means you both enjoy irreplaceable quality time while designing jewellery they will cherish for life.
Relive your childhood and design a bracelet based on jewellery from the past.
Daughter giving her mother a gift for Mother's Day. Perhaps even a bracelet. - BAUNAT
Personalising brings you closer together in many ways. What's more, you can express your own feelings and creativity in a unique design. Regardless of whether it is a symbolic pair of earrings for Mother's Day, a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or something else.

Where can I get inspiration?

Where do you turn to create a design? Personal taste is crucial, of course, but there are other sources of inspiration.
Woman wearing a white gold tennis bracelet for Mother's Day - BAUNAT
Maybe as a child you had a certain bracelet that you were crazy about. Try recreating that bracelet design for your unique Mother's Day bracelet. It will undoubtedly evoke the most beautiful memories.

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In 2019, our most important source of inspiration will certainly be the internet. You can find an unbelievable amount of great photos on Instagram and Pinterest, which you can base your personal design on. Just type the search term "mother daughter bracelet" into Pinterest and you will be amazed by the possibilities. Take a look at our Pinterest page at the same time.
Jewellery from BAUNAT in Mother's Day packaging- BAUNAT

Where can I get stylish packaging for my Mother's Day bracelet?

You can, of course, wrap the bracelet or other jewellery you bought for Mother's Day using some nice wrapping paper, but that is not necessary at BAUNAT. All BAUNAT jewellery comes in a stylish jewellery box. This naturally includes the jewellery itself, a jewellery bag, the guarantee certificate, the certificate of authenticity and a cleaning cloth.

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What message, wish or memory would you want to share with your mother? Say it with BAUNAT jewellery. Browse our diamond bracelets that say it all, or contact our experts for personal advice.

What other occasions should I buy jewellery for?

Mother's Day is an excellent opportunity to put your mother in the spotlight. There are, of course, many other occasions when you can give your loved ones a wonderful present, such as BAUNAT jewellery. And are you familiar with kind of bracelet to give as a present? In these blogs you can find a list of what those occasions are and a list of various types of gorgeous bracelets.
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