The year 2018 has seen several trends develop within a few months and coming up to the holiday season we were lucky enough to get a glimpse of what next year will bring. The key words that we have gathered and that you should to keep in mind for 2019 are mixing and layering. Mixing the types and colour of metals and layering gold necklaces as well as bracelets and rings with different designs and even textures.

Mixing: different colours and types of metals

As you may have read in one of our previous articles (link to recap of 2018 year trends article week 51), 2018 was filled with colourful diamonds and gems as well as bold fashion wear. Well, 2019 clearly takes its inspiration from this year as the trend for colour will continue but in a more subtle way.
In fact, we shall increasingly find jewellery that combines different types of metals and mixes various colours of metals. Yellow gold may be mixed with rose or red gold and silver.

These metals can be intertwined or worn side by side, creating the lovely illusion of a 3 dimensional piece of jewellery.
Furthermore, it appears that this trend of mixing metals and colours will be also applicable to wedding and fashion accessories such as hair accessories, bridal belts and even clutches.
The trick will be in mixing subtle contrasts and finding the right balance between different textures, allowing for a harmonious but modern feel.

Layering: various designs and textures

Layering seems to be coming back as it no longer only applies to either minimalist jewellery or statement jewellery. On the contrary, 2019 will see a juxtaposition of both, in a modern yet unique way. Which goes along the lines of what we mentioned above, regarding the mixing textures and colours.

That is why next year is the year when wearing a large statement necklace or a choker with a longer pendant or a sautoir will be freely accepted and even acclaimed. Because bringing together a lovely long gold necklace with a bolder shorter one will be truly unique and even more representative of your individuality.

Are you looking forward to next year’s jewellery trends as much as we are? Then stay tuned to our inspirational insights page where we will be sharing with you many trends to come.
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