The big day is here, and of course you want everything to go perfectly. Everything has been thought through, every detail has been worked out and so a great deal of attention has been paid to the rings. These are the accessories which show the world your commitment. That's why wedding rings must show the joy and happiness of the person wearing it. But how do you find a ring you'll want to wear for the rest of your life? As a man, which wedding rings are best to choose: classic or modern men's wedding rings? And which rings come across as cool? You can find out here.

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Types of wedding rings for men

Some men spend hours finding the right engagement ring for their partner. It’s a very important decision, but then so is choosing your own wedding ring, right? Yet often, much less attention is paid to it. So people regularly decide on the classic yellow gold ring without a diamond.

There is of course nothing wrong with that design, if that's what you want. A wedding ring for men must be comfortable and suit your style. You can find various options here.
Man and woman with wedding rings. The man's wedding ring is classic in style. - BAUNAT

Classic wedding rings

The most classic wedding ring for a man is one without precious stones or other decoration. Usually this means yellow gold, platinum or white gold. To this day, it remains one of the most popular designs with men. The design is traditional and timeless, and, as well as being classic, also looks very sleek.

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A personalised wedding ring

By a personalised wedding ring, we mean a variation on the classic wedding ring. A popular thing to do here is engraving. Men often have the wedding date or their own name and that of their spouse engraved on the inside of the ring. You can also, for instance, have part of your partner's fingerprint engraved on the outside. Simple accents can also add an extra touch when it comes to design. For example, go for a ring with a milgrain beaded edge, or for a matt finish.

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Diamond wedding rings for men

In recent years, diamond wedding rings for men have been gaining in popularity. Men, too, have come to appreciate the beautiful features of diamonds, and now complete their outfit with a diamond ring or other diamond jewellery. There are no "unwritten rules", really. You can decide between a ring with a solitaire diamond, and an eternity ring that is set all round with diamonds.
A ring with black diamonds from BAUNAT as a black wedding ring for a man
Do you have any reservations about the classic colourless diamond? Then go for yellow or black diamonds. Certainly, rings with black diamonds look very classy, but also tough at the same time.

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Choosing the design for your wedding ring

You can even go in any direction with the design. In general, rings are a bit wider for men, but the width that suits you depends on your hands. You should not wear a 6mm-wide ring if you have relatively small hands and short fingers. A ring that wide will make your hands look even smaller. In which case, go for a slimmer version.

You can also decide whether you want a slightly or heavily rounded ring, or a completely flatversion.

Choosing the right precious metal

A man's wedding ring from BAUNAT can be made from any of the four precious metals. Each precious metal has its own advantages. We review them here in brief.

Platinum wedding rings

Platinum is one of the most widely used precious metals for men's wedding rings. However, it is also one of the rarest metals on earth. This silvery precious metal is very strong and is also hypoallergenic. It is therefore perfect for men with sensitive skin or who are allergic to nickel. Our platinum rings contain 95% platinum. The remaining 5% consists of other precious metals to make the ring even stronger.

As platinum is so rare and more difficult to work than gold, platinum rings are generally also more expensive.
You will always find the hallmark PT950 on platinum jewellery from BAUNAT
A ring with black diamonds from BAUNAT as a black wedding ring for a man

Wedding rings in white gold

The precious metal which most closely resembles platinum is undoubtedly white gold. White gold is an alloy of gold, with silver and palladium. To achieve the brilliant shine, this alloy has a rhodium plating. White gold is therefore also an excellent choice for a wedding ring, but the shine will fade a little sooner than with platinum. Your professional BAUNAT jeweller can, of course, fix this.

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Yellow gold and rose gold wedding rings

Woman and man with wedding rings in yellow gold - BAUNAT
Yellow gold is a classic precious metal used for wedding rings. It has a soft and pleasing shine that radiates true class.

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Rose gold is an alloy of gold with copper and a hint of silver. A wedding ring in rose gold might not seem an obvious choice for men at first, but it is certainly an option. Rings in rose gold have a distinctly vintage look.

Working out the right size for your wedding ring

Although a ring can usually be made bigger or smaller, it is still advisable to buy one in the correct size from the start. If the ring is too big, it can come off your finger easily, especially when showering or washing your hands. A ring which is too small could pinch your finger and is usually not very comfortable to wear.

There are various ways to determine your ring size. First, you could try to figure it out yourself, perhaps based on a ring which you already know fits. If you do not know the exact size, you could have it measured in our showroom, or you could measure the inside diameter.
Woman measuring her ring size with a ring sizer. Also applies to men's wedding rings. – BAUNAT
You could also use a ring sizer. Slide the ring sizer onto the finger you will wear the ring on and adjust until it fits comfortably. Then simply read the size. Print off the paper version or contact us for a sizer made out of plastic.

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Another option is to let us measure your ring size. With test designs in every possible size and width, we can easily work out your ring size.

The average ring size for a man is around 21 millimeters. This corresponds to size 65 or 66 in our size chart.

Wearing a wedding ring for manual work

Do you have to work with your hands a lot in your job? Then you can certainly still wear a man's wedding ring. It would be better not to go for a ring with a solitaire diamond and a prong setting. Other settings are much stronger and therefore better suited for manual work. When it comes to precious metals, both white gold and platinum are in any case fine.

The bezel setting is one of the safest diamond settings, for instance, because the diamond is fully enclosed in a thin metal band. Moreover, the diamond appears to be visibly larger as the precious metal reflects the diamond's sparkle even more.

The channel setting is also a very strong setting. Multiple small diamonds are set next to one another. They are set into channels made from two metal strips, which gives a sober and elegant look.

You could always hang your wedding ring on a necklace, too, and wear it round your neck. This means it stays close to your heart.

Why buy my wedding ring from BAUNAT?

Man examining a wedding ring for men from BAUNAT.
By buying a man's wedding ring from BAUNAT, you are deciding to opt for both the best price and the best quality. We only work with high-quality materials. For instance, all gold jewellery in the standard collection is made from 18-carat gold and the platinum jewellery from 950 platinum. All our jewellery is also hand-made by real craftsmen from Antwerp.
Moreover, we obtain our diamonds directly from source, and focus primarily on online sales. This combination means we can sell some jewellery at up to half price. You also get a certificate of authenticity with every diamond above 0.30 ct.

It is certainly worthwhile buying your jewellery online at BAUNAT, especially men's diamond wedding rings. A ring with black diamonds, for instance, is very cool and should in no way be seen as feminine. There are various options and you should think about which style suits you best. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from family and friends, and to take their advice on board.

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A white gold wedding ring for men with diamonds? Totally a good idea. As a woman, how do you choose the right wedding ring? And why are vintage wedding rings on the rise? You can find this out, and much more, in the blogs below.

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