One very often spontaneously thinks of jewellery as a very feminine ornament, something that is essentially for women; and often enough given to women as a gift, whether its a man buying diamond earrings and jewellery for a woman for a special occasion, whether its a woman buying herself jewellery or a friend or family member purchasing something for a female member of the family or close friend.

When we look back in time, we can see that jewellery has always had a very feminine influence, but over the decades, men have been buying diamonds and gemstones to wear more and more.

A little bit of history about ornaments worn by men

When one looks back at paintings about royalty and wealthy people from the 16th and 17th centuries, one can see that men often wore as much jewellery if not more, than their female counterparts. Jewellery and gemstones were in fact considered to reflect the magnificence and lineage of a person as well as their social status and their accessibility to the external world in terms of trade.

Diamonds for men: jewellery and accessories

For quite a while now and for the past decades, we can easily say that men’s jewellery primarily comprised of 2 things: a watch and a wedding band, or eventually a family armours ring.

Sometimes slightly more adventurous men would be buying diamond studs or small diamonds to ornate their wedding band. Some would even buy bold rings covered with diamonds as a symbol of wealth and status.

Then there’s accessories, such as tie pins and the increasingly successful cufflinks.

Cufflinks that used to be rather considered a basic accessory that was just needed to tie the sleeves of a shirt together, are nowadays regarded as a very masculine piece of jewellery and an important part of a man’s attire.

At BAUNAT, men’s jewellery is elegant and confident, you can choose a sleek design for a wedding band, or you can select one of their unique cufflink designs in a variety of precious metals and styles. You are also very welcome to buying diamonds and having your own very special design tailor made for you, whether it is a ring, cufflinks or any other pieces of jewellery you may wish to have.

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