Nothing is as difficult as finding the perfect wedding rings. Your (diamond) rings do not have to match perfectly, but still a couple of elements should be taken into account. Wedding rings are the tangible proof of your marriage, so we suggest you both choose for the same style. In addition, the current trends are important. Below you will find them in a nutshell: 


With the rising demand for diamond vintage rings we see that the Art Nouveau style is still very popular. This movement sought its inspiration in nature, with all its fanciful shapes. Diamond rings are anyway very romantic, but the Art Nouveau strengthens this feeling. It symbolizes pure romance. Traditionally wedding rings are very simple and sleek, but nowadays we see that it may be more playful and romantic, with more striking models, either set with diamonds and or gemstones.

Eternity ring

Were you proposed with a diamond solitaire engagement ring, it is nice to combine it with a beautiful eternity ring. This classic, fully set with diamonds, is more often worn as a wedding ring. By women, because this model is not suitable for men. But do not worry, men can also add some diamonds to their wedding ring. It is important that it has a masculine look.

Red gold

Red gold remains popular and nowadays also among wedding rings. Diamond rings in red gold have a vintage look. If you have an engagement ring in yellow- or white gold, it is easy to combine with a red golden wedding ring. Quite the contrary. Nowadays, precious metals can be worn together. In our eyes a nice trend.

Are you looking for a beautiful set of diamond wedding rings, please take a look at our extensive collection.Still questions left? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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