• Men who are planning to ask their girlfriend to marry them prefer to do this in an original way.
  • We give you some great marriage proposals as an inspiration.
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Those who are planning to ask their beloved to marry them, want to pop the question in an unique way with a diamond ring. It should be a moment to remember. That’s why we give some original marriage proposals as an inspiration, so it will be a memorable day for both of you.

Great location

Take her to one of her favorite spots. Surprise her with a picnic by the water or at another cozy location and hide the ring in the picnic basket. Then go sit on one knee and ask if she wants to marry you. We can already guess what the answer would be.

On holiday

There is nothing more romantic than asking her to marry you on a vacation. For example, during a city trip in Venice or on the beach in Ibiza. There are plenty of romantic holiday destinations to give her that gorgeous diamond engagement ring. Ask her out to dinner and arrange a nice table at the beach, surrounded by torches and candles, or book a band. Most hotels are eager to help you with this.

Cozy at home

Home is where the heart is. Why not surprise her with a diamond engagement ring in your own love nest? Put candles in your house and scatter rose petals, put on some nice music and cook for her. Once she enters, you go sit on your knee and ask her to marry you. Sometimes, romance is just in the little things.

Through social media

The rise of social media made sure that men can ask their beloved to marry them in a more original way. The advantage is that friends and family can witness this unique moment. By sharing the marriage proposal on Facebook, she can even show off immediately with her marvelous diamond ring and make her friends a little jealous.

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