Marilyn Monroe was well aware that diamonds are a girl’s best friends. And boy was she popular, although it would never make her happy. In 1952 she met legendary baseball player Joe Dimaggio. After a tumultuous relationship, to say the least, he asked for her hand on New Year ’s Eve 1953 with the now legendary eternity ring. A dazzler set with 35 baguette diamonds. This ring was the symbol of an unhappy marriage between two living legends, or better yet it symbolized the dream both them shared for a harmonious future that would never be. The fairy tale lasted 274 days. Joe’s jealousy on the surge in Marilyn’s career destroyed their marriage.

Baguette cut diamonds are oblong shaped with a rectangular facet cut surface, reminiscent of a French baguette. Primarily used in jewellery to accentuate the central diamond by adding multiple, smaller baguettes.

This old-fashioned cut would soon have been forgotten, if it wasn’t for the rising demand for vintage engagement rings. Are you looking for baguettes? We can cater to your taste. BAUNAT can create the ideal jewel for any diamond shape.

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