Men have been wearing jewellery for centuries, but in our modern society, it has only been a few years that men are finally feeling more comfortable wearing more than a watch and their wedding band. In fact, very recently, men and women have been highlighting the unfair fact that only women wear an engagement ring as a symbol of their engagement. And it is a pity for most as they too start wanting to wear a symbol of their upcoming union to their loved one. So, are men’s engagement rings going to be the next trend?

  • Why are men increasingly wearing jewellery and how do they wear it?
  • Are men’s engagement rings really a thing?

Why are men increasingly wearing jewellery and how do they wear it?

Over the past years, men have felt more freedom to express their love for jewellery and accessories. It is not uncommon today to see men wear a bracelet or a necklace as there are more options for them and a greater variety of designs. But there are a few rules that you need to follow if you wish to be trendy with your male jewellery.

Firstly, keep it simple, especially if you are a newbie in the world of watches and jewellery. Start with accessories such as a leather-strap watch or cufflinks. And when wearing these classics feels good to you, you can venture out with a necklace or a ring.

Secondly, match your metals, most men’s jewellery is actually made of silver and gold coloured metals so try to wear only one colour at once, to keep the look modern and masculine.

Lastly, try to stick with your personality and style so that whatever jewellery you choose to wear, it really fits you and your way of living and does not only follow fashion.

Are men’s engagement rings really a thing?

With all these details in mind, it is clear that men’s engagement rings seem to be the next trend. Because men also want to show the world they are engaged to their other half and most importantly they love wearing jewellery and rings in particular as it gives them a certain confidence and shows their personality.

This idea is becoming so popular that a term has even emerged to name these rings, the mangagement ring which is just a contraction of the words man and engagement.

Men’s engagement rings can be different designs depending on your personality. They can be a simple band, that can match your future wedding band. Or it could be a more elaborate design, even set with diamonds for the more daring characters.

Whether you are a novice in the men’s jewellery world or not, BAUNAT is your perfect partner with an elegant collection of rings for men. From simple bands, to rings set with white or black diamonds, whichever your style, we have a beautiful design for you.

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