Whether you and your beloved one were already married in the past to someone else, or whether you already experienced a first engagement proposal, there are ways to making the second proposal unique and different: a custom design. Below we will highlight a few possibilities to make sure the ring you design is truly unique.

  • Drawing your ring entirely by yourself
  • Choosing a coloured stone
  • Adding an inscription, an engraving

Drawing your ring entirely yourself

Drawing a ring from your imagination is probably the best way of ensuring you have a ring no-one else has. It takes a few steps that involve working directly with an expert that will guide you into designing something that is feasible for the goldsmith.

First you need to draw the design you have in mind on a piece of paper, so that the expert can try to translate your drawing with a computer on a 3D program. Then, you choose the metal you wish to make your engagement ring. Lastly, you select the diamond or coloured stone you wish to include in the ring. The expert will be able to give you an estimate of the cost of creating this ring from scratch and the stones.

Choosing a coloured stone

A coloured gemstone such as a sapphire, ruby or emerald is a fantastic alternative to diamonds should you wish to have a more special approach to engagement rings, to differentiate this experience from the first one or simply to add more colour to this proposal.

The top three gemstones of choice are sapphire, mostly in the blue colour, but other colours are becoming trendier by the year, such as pink, yellow or green; ruby and emerald. These powerful, colourful gemstones really transform the engagement ring into a statement ring, which may be the result you are looking for when proposing for the second time.

Adding an inscription, an engraving

Another interesting option, should you not wish to go through the whole process of designing a ring, is to add an inscription or engraving to the ring. Most people add the more traditional date, names and love inscriptions on the inside of ring.

At BAUNAT we offer a tailor made design service, where an expert accompanies you from the beginning to the end of the process. We also offer a selection of elegant and special engagement rings where sapphires, rubies or emeralds are at the centre of the attention. 

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