A watch isn't an everyday purchase, rather a well-considered choice. Men's watches are indeed exceptional accessories that can be handed down the generations. On the proviso you look after it. Which is why it is advisable to already take a few crucial quality factors into account when buying your timepiece. Read the tips below on selecting and servicing your luxury timepiece.  


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How your choice of material, affects your watch's upkeep

The saying has it that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. The same can be said for a timepiece. It is vitally important therefore to grasp which materials are used for which components. Luxury timepieces for men are made using highly durable materials to provide you with lifelong enjoyment of your investment. Qualitative glass, the best leathers for the watch strap and the highest gold standard for the watch case are just a few examples.
Watch servicing at the best price using professional equipment - BAUNAT
Besides which, there is 'invisible quality'. By which is meant the watchmaker's skill. Our craftspeople exercise precision work to dovetail all components, to ensure smooth functioning.

What can you do yourself to service your watch?

If you seek lifelong enjoyment of your timepiece or wish to hand it down to your son or daughter at a later date, it is important you look after it well. Read some tips here on watch upkeep.

  • Try to avoid contact with water and hard surfaces as much as you can

  • Also avoid magnetic fields that can disturb the internal mechanism

  • The best way to buff the gold of your watch is with a slightly damp cloth

  • Use a soft cotton cloth for the watch strap, try to avoid moisture as much as you can

  • Save your watch in its box when you aren't wearing it

  • Don't sit too long in the sun: UV rays can fade the strap's colour and damage the battery

Woman with a gold quartz watch. This watch requires maintenance too - BAUNAT
These easy tips will help lengthen your watch's lifespan. A quartz watch is probably the most user-friendly watch. This is because it doesn't require oiling, just regular battery replacement.
Was your eye drawn to aquartz or a mechanical timepiece ? The complexity of these types of timepieces do necessitates regular servicing.

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It is advisable to have a mechanical timepiece serviced every two years to counteract natural wear and tear of the mechanism.
An important thing to know is that mechanical timepieces feature many more moving components than quartz ones and are also subject to gravity. So, maintenance is a must.

Servicing by BAUNAT specialists

Watch servicing usually runs in line with established procedures. For a mechanical watch they are as follows:

  • Initial check: Our experts first assess the timepiece itself, the case and the strap

  • Cleaning the timepiece: All the timepiece's components are polished using suitable resources

  • Assessment and possible replacement of components: We check that all components are working as they should. These are replaced where necessary. After that all the components are lubricated again

  • Assessment of the timepiece itself: Using specialist equipment we ascertain possible defects

  • Realigning the balance spring: The balance spring is realigned for accurate time keeping

    The costs of professional watch servicing

    Man with mechanical BAUNAT watch. The cost of replacing a watch glass differs per model
    With professional servicing we broadly follow those steps. However, the costs of watch maintenance differ depending on the model. One model might have more gears or the internal mechanism of one might be more complex in design than another. Maintenance costs for a watch from the Swiss collection start at €250 excl. VAT.

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    The costs of a professional watch repair

    The costs of repairing your watch differ greatly too. First and foremost, it depends on what exactly needs replacing. In addition, the specific material of the component to be replaced also plays a role. So, the replacement of a gold watch strap will, on the whole, work out more expensive than replacing one of calf or alligator leather. BAUNAT is very competitively priced, both in terms of watch servicing and repair.

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    Having the glass of your watch replaced

    The cost of having a new glass put on the timepiece depends on the model in question. After all, the glass must fit the timepiece down to the millimetre. The type of glass also affects the price. The Swiss collection features sapphire crystal glass, whereas the watches in the Italian collection are set with mineral crystal glass. Overall, sapphire glass is more expensive than mineral glass.
    Look no further and buy your timeless watch at BAUNAT now. All our watches are made using high quality 18 carat gold and are finished with premium quality materials.

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    A gold watch is an item of jewellery that is often of high emotional value. Luckily it will last a long time. By following the tips in this blog, you can ensure lifelong enjoyment of your magnificent gold watch. Do you perhaps know the difference between a quartz and mechanical watch? How do you know which watch best suits you? Glean all you need to know in the following blogs.
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