A diamond ring has no expiry date. The piece of jewellery can survive for dozens, hundreds and even thousands of years. That is why this precious stone is a symbol of love, perfection and eternity.

The diamond is definitely the strongest material on earth. But it is important to treat both the gold ring and the diamond with the necessary care so that you can enjoy the most shine and splendour for a long time. So here are our ten simple and easy-to-follow maintenance tips to make sure that your ring will sparkle for a very long time.




Tip 1: polish your ring regularly

Clean diamond rings with a microfibre cloth - BAUNAT
A diamond ring requires some maintenance, but the good news is that you can do this quickly and easily yourself. A regular polish with acloth or a soft make-up brush removes a lot of dirt and dust which make your ring less shiny. Avoid rubbing with microfibre cloths, because they can get stuck in the setting causing fluff to get caught.

Does your ring look very greasy or dull from using hand lotion for instance? Then cleaning with ammonia is the best method to allow your ring to sparkle again.

Tip 2: only clean with mild soap

Be careful with the cleaning products that you use to clean your gold ring with a diamond. Make a mixture of lukewarm water with a small amount of mild washing-up liquid and soak your ring in it for about twenty minutes. You can also use a few drops of ammonia.

Then remove the ring from the water and carefully brush the diamond with a soft toothbrush, but do not rub the gold. Never use toothpaste as it is too aggressive and can cause small scratches. It also dries out between the precious stones and the setting and is difficult to remove.

Tip 3: get your ring regularly serviced by a jeweller

The jeweller looks at the diamond with professional material - BAUNAT
Jewellers advise having your ring looked at by a professional once a year. They will clean the ring thoroughly and can spot problems in advance which are not yet visible with the naked eye. If necessary, the setting will be tightened, so that the diamond is still positioned properly in the ring.

Gold and platinum rings can be polished again, if desired. Evening out small scratches allows your gold or white gold ring to immediately dazzle again.

Let your ring sparkle again

Protecting your ring from damage

Cleaning your ring regularly is vital to maintain the sparkle of your favourite piece of jewellery. Are there small scrathes in your ring? A professional clean by your jeweller can resolve this, but it is even more important to avoid damage. We will list a number of tips for you.

Tip 4: make sure that your ring is just big enough

The size of a gold ring with diamonds is measured with a measuring instrument - BAUNAT
One of the most valuable maintenance tips for keeping your ring with diamonds scratch-free is one which is best kept in mind when you are purchasing the ring. Ensure that the ring is perfectly custom-made. It might sound obvious, but you can avoid a lot of trouble with it. A ring which is too big can get scratched when it gets stuck on things like door handles or car keys. You must definitely be careful with solitaire rings.
Is your ring too big? Don't try out any home-made remedies in the attempt to make your ring smaller yourself. They can cause serious scratches in the gold of the ring. Just make an appointment with us and let us make your diamond ring smaller professionally by us.

Make an appointment with your jewellery expert

Tip 5: take your ring off when you have a bath or a shower

Woman takes a bath in a wellness resort - BAUNAT
It is understandable that when you are newly engaged with a diamond ring on your finger, you might be reluctant to take it off. But it is still important to take your ring off when you have a bath or shower. There are various reasons for this.

The limescale in hard water and the greases in hydrating shower gels or hand creams can make the golden shine of your ring go matte over time. Soap, shampoo and conditioner can get stuck and harden under the stone or the setting. In extreme cases, this can even have a detrimental effect on the positioning of the diamond. These care products can also contain corrosive chemicals which can damage your ring.

Tip 6: take your ring off when you are doing manual work

Gardening, hammering furniture or washing the windows? Be sure to take your ring off. Dirt and soil from the garden can end up under the setting, causing the diamond to move or become damaged. It is also very difficult to get rid of. Many household and cleaning agents likewise contain too many chemical or bleaches, which can discolour your ring.

It is even possible that an accidental collision with a hard or sharp object will cause the diamond in your ring to crack. The diamond is the hardest stone in the world, but a single impact in the wrong place can crack the precious stone mercilessly. Admittedly, this is rare, but when it does happen the crack is often so deep that a piece of the diamond breaks off. So just don't risk it.

Tip 7: take your ring off when you go swimming

Woman with white hat bathing in the swimming pool - BAUNAT
Gold is a very stable element which does not react quickly to other materials. But the chlorine which is added in small quantities to swimming pool water for hygienic reasons is totally disastrous for this precious metal. It can cause discoloration and damage.

And you don't want to run the risk that your dazzling wedding ring with a diamond slides from your finger and sinks to the bottom of the swimming pool, do you? Who knows if you'll find it...

Tip 8: take your rings off when you apply sun screen

As with hand lotion, sun screen can also leave a greasy layer on your ring and even cause the shine to disappear over time. So remove your ring when you apply sun screen and store your precious jewellery in the original box or in a pouch made from soft material. It is also better not to use sun screen to remove a tight ring from your finger. You can easily do this with water and soap.

Storing your ring safely

With our maintenance tips to protect your ring from scratching or cracking, we have already listed a few essential tips for taking good care of your jewellery. But did you know that safely storing your ring can already prevent a lot of damage?

Tip 9: keep your rings in a separate box

Woman holding original box with diamond ring - BAUNAT
When you take your ring off to do gardening, have a swim or take a shower, it is best to store it in a jewellery box with a soft lining or in the original packaging. By doing so, you can be sure that no sharp objects can come into contact with your ring or the diamond.

If you store all your jewellery together in one box there is a risk that they might scratch against each other. The hard diamond can scratch other jewellery such as gold rings next to it. If you do not have separate boxes for each ring, then wrap them individually in tissue paper or in a separate cloth bag.

Tip 10: invest in a safe

Code of a bank safe - BAUNAT
Whether you plan to invest in diamonds or are just looking for a safe way to protect your engagement ring from theft, natural disasters or fire, a good safe offers a suitable solution for both options.

Because household insurances have a maximum amount and therefore do not cover everything, it is advisable to insure your safe separately, at home or with the bank.
Are you going on a trip soon? Then we also have a number of practical tips for the safe storage of your ring and protecting it from theft or damage. Certainly do not leave your jewellery lying around in your room, but use the safe available. It is also a good idea to take out additional insurance to give extra protection for your jewellery when you go on holiday. As well as travel insurance, the following is also possible:

  • Insurance against theft - An insurance against theft covers your jewellery if it concerns aggravating circumstances, such as burglary or theft with violence. At all times, you must treat your belongings carefully and vigilantly. For instance, if you leave your engagement ring on your towel while you have a swim and it is stolen, the insurance will not pay out.

  • Luggage insurance - With a luggage insurance your luggage and contents are covered against damage, loss and theft.

  • Valuables insurance - A valuables insurance - as the name suggests - covers valuables such as jewellery, cameras, musical instruments, etc., against damage, loss and theft.

Have your ring restored

Has your ring or diamond jewellery still become damaged despite the above maintenance tips? Then have your ring repaired by a jeweller. Small scratches can easily be removed by polishing the precious metal. Has the diamond fallen out of your ring or moved? Then the stone can be reset in the original position. Your BAUNAT expert professional can also make your diamond ring larger or smaller.

Want to know more about jewellery collections?

With these 10 maintenance tips, you will know how to clean your ring, protect it against damage and store it safely. If your ring still becomes damaged, the BAUNAT experts will always be there for you. Are you interested in learning more about building up your jewellery collection, and how to care for it? Or are you looking for diamonds to complete your bridal look? Discover all of this below:
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